People tend to ignore their lower back pain for years.

Then it gets worse.

And even worse.

They eventually forget about treating their condition and simply bear with it. And when it goes undoubtedly serious, they end up in surgery.

This is worst case scenario though.


You have a choice right now:

  • Either stick with the pain and pretend as if you’re totally OK (till pain’s manageable), or
  • Take action now, since back pain is not the type of thing that says “Ok, I’m done here, see ya.” just by sitting in your sofa and eating popcorn. He’s here to stay.

Oh, and how certain it is, that he’s here to stay.

And this is the moment, when lumbar back braces come into play.

Why choose this type of product from the overhauling list of other back relief products?

My simple reason is:

Back support braces are relatively cheap, and can cruise with you on your daily routine while still not getting on your nerves.

Provided you choose the one that fits you the best.

Some more motives to get a good back support brace:

  • You don’t need much effort. You just put it on, adjust it and that’s it. Pain diminished (even if not by 100%)
  • There’s a bunch of solutions out there on the market, and anyone can find the one that fits her the most
  • Going on a trip? Used to run on a chilly September morning? Or you’re the one who loads produce into the truck, with a bent, sweaty back? Any discipline, any life situation (even on your own wedding), you can stick with this back-fixing fellow.

Hold on for a sec, though.

Before you make up your mind and take action, I urge you to read this brief little guide of mine.

You can get easily overwhelmed by the product mass, and find yourself buying a piece of cloth attached to a rubber band.

Which I – obviously – don’t want you to.

I’ve gathered and – partially – tested the following five back support braces at your aid.

Through my research, I’ve realized that even the cheaper ones might fit some, but for those looking for maximum satisfaction should remain with ones labeled with higher price tags.

Let’s jump in.

In a hurry? If you’re looking for the best value for the price, I recommend buying the:

I also gathered all the best back braces in the following table for your convenience. However, I do encourage you to skim through the mini-reviews.


Because that way, you’ll make a more informed decision, of course.

#1 AidBrace Support Belt


Keeping it’s price immovably in the lower range, the AidBrace Support Belt is something that’s worth every single buck.

Want to know why?

It’s something that’s as simple as it gets. A lumbar back brace designed to relief your lower back pain while you’re at your daily activities. Nothing flashy. It does its job.

Still, packed with some noticeable features:

  • An adjustable, removable, cushioned lumbar pad attached to the lumbar area with a massive Velcro area
  • A durable, breathable mesh with double size straps, so that you can easily tighten it
  • Curved side design: this little guy helps you lessen pressure on your abdominal areas as well
  • 6 built-in support bars which makes the whole thing a back “support”. They’re not removable but seem to be in the exact right place.

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything more for this price.

According to verified customer reports, the AidBrace Support Belt functions great for most people. Most users tell about their lower back pain is almost instantly diminished after the first hours.

You can also use it for more severe health problems as:

  • Scoliosis
  • Herinated disc
  • Sciatica (only for some)

Whether you’re a white-collar, or a dockworker I can assure you, that it will fit most daily tasks (lifting, sitting, running, hiking) without any trouble.

Measure that waist for sure before ordering the AidBrace.

Heard so many complaints about sizes not being proper. To overcome this situation, grab your tape line and do the math.

Choose the size that fits your waist and don’t listen to false reviews recommending to buy one size plus or minus to your own size.

Have you ever seen half-naked women and men sweating, and staring at you as you enter the sauna? A chilly breath of air flows into their territory, and they often start to grumble.

There’s no grumble coming out of the AidBrace, although many users report that it can easily overheat your lower back, as if there were a tiny, mobile sauna attached to your body.

To make my observations complete, I wanted to include some common questions that often don’t get answered, only after buying the wrong product.

Here we go:


Can I use this back brace while doing massive body building exercises, or while enjoying the warm sunshine on a mountain bike trip?

As most back support braces, the AidBrace will let you do your everyday workouts without any restriction.

Can I wear the AidBrace Support Belt under my shirt while working?
Ultimately, yes.

Keep in mind though, that if you’re wearing too fitted or skinny outfit, the device might feel a bit bulky under your shirt.

I would rather go with the loose, Hawaiian style shirt then.

Can I wear the back brace while doing physical work?
I can assure you, that this back support brace fits most heavy duty laborers out there. Constantly suffering of back pain while lifting that shovel, full of dirt?

Go with the AidBrace. It’s adjustable, supportive and still flexible.

Things that you’ll certainly loveThings that won’t please you
Convenient to use, even in tougher situationsCan make you sweat in summer
Supports your back firmlyNeed to look out for size
The additional lumbar pad is a great feature
Price tag

#2 DonJoy LO Lite Wrap-Around Back Support Brace


When we’re seeking for the ideal back support belt, there are a number of aspects we definitely want to keep in mind, like:

  • Is it comfortable to wear?
  • Does it relieves my pain indeed?
  • Is it budget-friendly?

The DonJoy LO Lite Wrap-Around Back Support Brace is something that can skyrocket your back pain health.

Imagine your long-awaited package arrives. The DHL guy smacks the ringbell. You blast open the door in a hurry, with a kid’s sparkle in your eyes.

You sign the papers and shut the door behind yourself.

Then you free the box of its wrap without hesitation and open it.

It’s there.

You briskly unfold your new DonJoy Back Support and try it on.


That gently warm pleasure it soothes your lower back with.

Then you notice, there’s something dangling from its back. It’s a cord.

You stretch it smoothly and sense that it embraces your whole lower back softly. It fits you perfectly. It holds you like a mother’s arm holds her little angel.

And this inventive feature is why I fall for the DonJoy. Haven’t witnessed any back support belt yet that bestows such convenience.

What other goods can it come up with?

First of all, a low profile design, to comfort your back even in your summer outfit. Since it’s lightweight, you’re able to stick it under your shirt – not being bulky at all.

Ah, the compression panels. They’re not only giving you a chance to tighten or loosen the device instantly, but they also brace your vertebrae from L1 to L5 (that’s where pain usually evolves).

DonJoy designated this system as the Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, which is the heart of this brace. (You get lifetime warranty for the MAPS, which isn’t bad at all)

Have you ever wondered why certain back braces can be so stiff? You tighten them.

You launch your usual exercise course. Warm up.

And then aargh!

You cry out in pain.

They’re stiff as a block of concrete moulded on your waist.

Well, not anymore.

Welcome on board of the DonJoy back support belt: the gondola of convenient pleasures.

The outer mesh is something truly neat. It gives the brace a firm hold, yet transforms as your body moves.

Moreover, fresh breeze ventilates through it with ease.

Wait. Is that important anyways?

Seems so.

Because many back support braces appeared to be hot at summer. This causes you hot. And hot causes you sweat all the time.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your leather office chair. The hot summer sun rays sparkle on your neck.

Large water drops tingle under and under, until you feel that your lower back is in some sort of sauna.

And that well-known blot slowly entwines the back of your squeaky clean shirt.

Well, there’s no way this makes you feel hot:


Now some lines about the sizing, because this can be a tricky one for some.

S25" - 30"
M30" - 35"
L35" - 40"
XL40" - 45"
XXL44" - 50"

Being my favorite on the list, the DonJoy not only catches the eye with its ingenious design, but also stands up to all of our expectations:

Things you’ll love about itThings you’ll surely dislike
LightweightA bit pricey
Effortlessly adjustable

#3 Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

Struggling with lower back pain, but running short on money? Can’t afford a high tech back support brace?

You’re not the only one out there. This is the only reason I let the Mueller 255 slip onto my list. Although – as you might already know – I don’t believe in bargain products.

Okay, I fully agree with you. There’s a bunch of  useless, yet overpriced back pain products on the health market, that are not even tested on real people.

But come on! It’s your health at stake.

Now, you’re not in a clothing store, winking around, whether a cute little party dress ends up in your basket.

Suppose you rambled into my little corner of the Internet, because back pain is simply killing you.

So, I beg you, overthink this twice, before buying the Mueller 255.

Let’s get to the facts.

Overall, the Mueller 255  Lumbar Back Brace is a fair deal for the price. Again, this one does its job as well.

What it excels in – and what’s also its downside -, is its massive, bulky construction. Mueller claims that their steel installments inside the wrap give an extra stability to your spine.

However customers experienced something different.

Yep, steel installments are fine. Mueller simply forgot to make it more comfortable to wear.

Going to the office wearing it? Not sure.


Because some fellow customers report that the Mueller is so tiresome to wear, that many have to get rid of it after 3 hours.

Have you ever worn the shining armor of a knight?

If you stick with the Mueller 255 Lumbar Support, then you’ll soon going to experience it soon.

If this wasn’t enough, the highly-praised steel inlets fail to provide enough support, so when you’re bending over, they don’t hold your lower back firmly.

That’s cruddy, because if you bend your lower back and lift something, it can provoke serious injuries.

Unfortunately, the Velcro doesn’t hold the whole thing in place either, meaning that you need to put it back from time to time, since it slips down.

Wait a bit.

Let’s think positive for now.

At least, there’s a lumbar pad, which is great, to be honest. It’s placed directly at the source of pain (if you choose the ideal size, of course) and can calm stiffness in your lower back.

But let alone these 2 positives, I’m not sure the Mueller 255 Lumbar Support is worth the bucks.

What you’ll hopefully loveSure you’ll dislike these
The price tag (around $20)Doesn’t hold your back properely
Lumbar support works OKBulky, uncomfortable design
Hard to adjust Velcro strap

#4 Aspen Evergreen 0631 LSO Universal Back Wrap

Ever wondered what it’s like to drive a brand new Porsche Carrera?First you catch sight of it.

Brilliant outlines of this massive piece of automotive shimmer in the sparkling sunlight.

You approach it cautiously, as if it were snoozing beast on a vast field of asphalt.You gently touch the door handle.

That’s it. You feel that it’s something different than what you’ve ever experienced before.

You pull open the beast’s door, and hand over yourself to its pleasures and beauty. You touch the leather seats, the gear shift, the wheel. Everything’s made with care and precision inside.

And then, your heart starts pounding. You grab the key, snap it into its rightful place, and twist it fiercely.

The sound followed by this, is harmony to your ears. Like a lion’s roar. You then shift gears, and squeeze the pedal into the ground.

Oh, what a joy.

Fitting the an Aspen 0631 is just like driving a brand new porsche. Aspen is the Porsche of all spinal brace products out there.

They have been producing the highest quality possible on the market since 2001, and are here to stay for sure. Let’s dive in, and see what inventive features does it hold for us.

This one-size-fits-all LSO Back Brace can be trimmed to your specific needs.

You know this is critical in terms of a back brace.

I’ve been there, don’t worry.

You finally decide upon the perfect back brace.

You grab your credit card, and type it in, and your hard-earned money is sucked down from it. Dollar by dollar.

And when it finally arrives… It’s too tight. Bogus!

Well, it’s different with the Aspen Evergreen 0631:

You grab the scissors from the kitchen drawer, and with detailed instructions you’re good to go (even if you’re not the DIY type). Moreover, there’s an option to also head mold the plastic, so there’s no fear of picking the wrong size.

Worst thing that can happen, is to call the manufacturer, and they’ll be happy to adjust it for you.

One more thing about adjusting the Aspen 0631.

Not only you can customize it to your measures, but also tighten it independently across your lower back.


It’s a piece of cake, thanks to the 4:1 patented tightening solution Aspen came up with:

You pull the 2 pull tabs, that are tied through the back of the system. And that’s it. You’re ready to go.

Also, if you need to tighten the whole thing, there’s an option for that as well. You don’t need any tools, and don’t need to be an engineer to do this.

If you’re a DIY person, you might also want to try adjusting the Adjustable Anterior Plate, which provides even more customization options. However, I urge you to do this with the supervision of an expert.

With these sizing options I hardly believe that there’s someone on this planet, who cannot adjust it to her size.

And wonder why fitness ladies and work out guys like the Aspen Evergreen 0631 very much?

It’s unable to slip down, even if you’re doing hard exercises. Silicone straps on the inside of the brace hold fast and prevent migration.

Okay, but does this even have any downsides?

If you think that its price is not budget friendly, take these into account:

  • Getting to the doctors is such a pain in the back. And it costs a lot. With the Aspen Evergreen, you can forego visiting the doc’s office.
  • You won’t need prescribed medication which costs a lot in a long term.

I wouldn’t consider $120-150 too much for something that’s developed with the aid of doctors, chiropractors and other specialists and that’s going to serve your back for at least 5 years.

What you’ll surely likeWhat you won’t really like
ComfortablePrice tag
One size to rule them all
Modification options for extreme sizes
Easy to adjust with one pull

Aspen QuikDraw PRO

Our last volunteer on the 5 best back braces list is another Aspen product.

Like the Aspen 0631, the QuickDraw PRO gives you instant relief, and this is not only my opinion. Throughout the years, the QuickDraw has become one of the most popular back braces on Amazon, and for a good reason.

First of all, let’s compare the prices.

The Evergreen 0631 stays in the upper price category with. Instead, the QuickDraw PRO is cheaper, still being a medical-grade artifact.

That’s a massive difference, so let’s see what else the QuickDraw Pro can provide for us.

It’s made of a breathable, non elastic, washable knit fabric that’s a true pleasure to wear both for men and women of literally any size. The smallest being 21” and the x-largest being 47”.

One downstroke corresponding sizes: some customers reported that sitting can be inconvenient, since the upper edge of the wrap may dig into your ribs.


Also, keep in mind that it takes time to brake in as you get it out of the box.

What bothered me a little bit is that you don’t have as many customization options as the Aspen 0631 does (like there’s no Adjustable Anterior Plate, etc). Still it’s relatively easy to hit the one that’s going to fit your waist, without returning it.

Good news is that if you suffer of spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis or even disc disease the QuickDraw can still be a lifesaver for you. This model is also often prescribed by doctors (although they sometimes charge triple the price for it), which is a good indicating signal of quality.

One thing that the QuickDraw excels in compared to the 0631 is its weight. If you felt the larger back braces bulky in the past, then you might start with the QuickDraw and later on advance to the Evergreen 0631.

Pro tip: Measure your waist before buying any of the above mentioned products to get the precise size of your waist. This is crucial if you want to buy the best fit brace.

So if you’re buying a lower back brace for the first time, I’d stick with the QuickDraw, because it’s literally better than most braces out there.

It’s lightweight, provides some customization options and still a medical grade product, recommended by doctors and chiropractors.


What you’ll likeWhat you won’t like
Good starter back braceA bit hard to break in
It’s lightweightPrice tag
Can fit under or over your outfit