Sometimes you wish you could have a relaxing slumber near the campfire, like you do at home.

Although we’ve already covered the best camping chairs for bad backs, I guess it’s more important to have a good night’s sleep when going on a round trip.

No matter if you’re just staying for a day or a week in the woods, holiday’s gotta be about recovery, right? And no one can relax in a bed that causes lower back pain.


Summary: If you’re looking for a general, easy to put together back save, then the Easy Cot will be just fine. However, if you’re seeking for a long lasting, pro tool, then the TETON Sports Camp Cot is the best bet for sure. And if you want something for hiking the Camp Time Roll-a-Cot can be a great choice.


If you have some more time though, we invite you to go through all the best camping bed for bad back in 2018 we presented here.

Let back pain relief spread on all camping sites!


✔️ Best performing in terms of back pain relief

✔️Easy setup and putting away

✔️ Longer and wider than most camping beds

❌ Bit heavy for hiking

TETON Sports Camp Cot

✔️  Super durable: Max weight 400 lbs

✔️  Relatively lightweight with 20 lbs

✔️  Extra long and wide

❌  Not the best for backpacking

Big Bear

✔️  Featherweight at 10 lbs

✔️  Compact folded size

✔️  Great for hiking

❌  Too low in height

Timber Ridge Deluxe

✔️  Super long and super wide

✔️  Easy setup

✔️  Lightweight and fits hikers well

Timber Ridge Deluxe

✔️  Assembled in 2 minutes at max

✔️  18″ from ground, easy to lay down on

✔️  Lightweight at 10.6 lbs

❌  A bit pricey

The Best Camping Bed for Bad Back

Easy Cot, Portable Folding Cot by Byer of Maine

best camping bed for bad back

There’s a good reason why the EasyCot made it onto the top of our best camping bed for bad back list.

All you see is customers raving about how the EasyCot’s been a relief to their lower back problems, when going on a round trip or when being a host for a friend at the weekend.

As the name says, this ergonomic camping bed has been famous for its easy set up and folding away. You’ll be able to fold it into its carrier bag within some minutes, so there’s no hassle in the morning when leaving the camp.

However, EasyCot’s true benefit lies within its firm yet convenient construction.

I bet you and your lower back both hate the feeling of sagging into the canvas of a camping bed. Well, that’s the true reason of morning’s back ache.

EasyCot brings a firm but comfortable canvas leaving out that typical cross bar at the lower back area. This makes this cot utterly the best camping cot for side sleepers and back sleepers as well.

Another advantage we discovered in EasyCot is that you can get out of it easily, since it’s higher than a general ergonomic camping cot.

As said, welded steel legs and 600 Denier polyester canvas make this camping bed long lasting. It can bear up to 325 lbs.

If I had to name a letdown here, I’d say it’s a bit heavy for hiking with its 23 lbs and also longer / wider than most cots at 78” x 31” (which is also its advantage from a different angle).

All in all, the EasyCot will still be the best companion for the general adventurer going on a holiday into the woods.

Best Heavy Duty Folding Bed

TETON Sports Camp Cot

best camping bed for bad back

Even more sturdier is the TETON Sports Camp Cot. Believe it or not, but this ergonomic camping bed can hold up to 400 lbs with which it easily earns the sturdiest prize on our best camping bed for bad back list.

Coming with an aluminum frame and X shaped legs, the TETON simply cannot be beaten in terms of durability.

You might guess that extra sturdiness has its price. Well, you’re wrong if you think that the TETON Sports Camp weighs too much. In fact it’s among the most lightweight camping beds with its 20 lbs. (this applies to the ‘Adventurer’ type)

An additional benefit of this ergonomic camping bed is that it has two sizing options of 75” and 85” in length, so taller guys, have no fear!

The ‘Universal’ version boasts a whopping 32” of width that makes this cot extremely comfortable. You’re actually able to put your two legs apart in it when lying on your back.

Speaking of back ache and ergonomics. TETON’s canvas is substantial indeed. If you extend the frame to its appropriate position, it pulls the canvas particularly tight.

In fact, the canvas might be too stiff for you. However, if you break it in, it’ll be just the right type of pampering for your lower back – no more plunging in.

Like the EasyCot, the TETON has no cross bars either at your lumbar area, which will definitely attract back sleepers.

If you keep in mind that this is not the backpacking type of camping bed because of its weight, the TETON will be the ultimate choice if you’re a tall girl / big guy.

Most Lightweight Camping Cot for Bad Back

World Outdoor Products Big Bear

best lightweight camping bed

Being a bit different than our other contenders, the World Outdoor Products Big Bear camping cot is the handsdown featherweight option ideal even for hikers.

Starting right off with its biggest advantage, the Big Bear will keep you on even longer hiking action because of its 10 lbs of weight.

Although 10 lbs might conclude to being it flimsy believe me, even 6’3” big guys at 280 lbs of weight will be comfortable without their legs hanging over at the end.

Pro tip: Before venturing into the woods, please do try out if the cot fits into your tent, because it’s extra long.

Another benefit here is the compact folded size (35″ L x 6″ W x 4″ H.) that makes the Big Bear to be carried around easily, even on longer trips.

If you roll the bed out, there’s really not much to assembly. Start with the ends to make things easier and snap legs into the frame. 2 minutes, and you’re definitely done.

As you might have guessed, the Big Bear scores high in terms of back-saving. It’s firm so you’ll avoid sagging, but comfortable enough to have a good night’s sleep.

This cot’s strength is its weakness as well. Being 4” high makes it a bit difficult to raise from and to sit down on. If you’re heading off to your journey with an already aching lower back, this might be an issue to look out for.

Best Camping Bed for Guests

Timber Ridge Deluxe XL Camp

best ergonomic camping bed

The Timber Ridge Deluxe XL Camp has popped onto our list, because we found it actually a great option for those looking to please their guests with a real bed-like camping cot.

Coming in a pretty heavy structure at 25 lbs this camping cot will definitely won’t be hikers’ best option.

However, the sturdiness and will definitely be of great use when it comes to sharing your apartment with unexpected company. Bearing up to 300 lbs of weight, the Timber Ridge is one of the sturdiest build on our list.

Compact as it gets, you’ll be able to fold it out & away in 4 straightforward steps. In this manner, it’s a true competitor of the EasyCot.

One of the greatest benefits of the Timber Ridge camping cot is its unfolded size. The title ‘XL’ stays true to it, being 83” long, 31” wide and 20” high.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this is the highest camping bed on our list which will be a concern for many among us, back pain fighters. Just imagine: getting up lying down will be much easier compared to smaller beds, like the Big Bear being only 4” in height.

There’s no complaint here when it comes to comfortable, back pain-free sleeping. The canvas allows for just a bit of sagging, but only to a minimum degree. This will keep your back relatively straight to be stress-free in the morning.

Easy Assembly Camping Cot:

Camp Time Roll-a-Cot

best camping bed for back problems

Another back-saver on our list: the innovative Roll-a-Cot. As the name tells about, you can indeed roll this little guy up, and put it on your shoulders in no minute.

Actually, in two minutes. Roll-a-Cot’s biggest advantage (apart from pampering your lower back) is undoubtedly the fold out and fold away times and overall ease.

You won’t ever need to strain your muscles, because snapping the frame into its place is simplified by the ergonomic construction. This will surely be an advantage to the elderly.

Unlike others on our list, the Roll-a-Cot camping bed comes with a massive, 1000 denier canvas. It’s not only durable, but you can set its firmness to your back aching needs.

Right after the Big Bear, Roll-a-Cot has the second most featherweight construction. Sturdy aluminum framing  is the key here. It’s weight is no more than 10.6 lbs which makes this a great hiking cot.

Unlike the Big Bear, this has a decent 18” height from ground which is definitely another back-saving feature.

There are two sizing options for Roll-a-Cot. 32” x 74” with 250 lbs capacity and the actual XL version at 32” x 84” with 18” height and a third set of legs for extra weight support at 300 lbs capacity.

The only drawback I will include is the price tag. If you plan to buy the XL version, that’s going to cost you even more unfortunately.

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