Living room armchairs don’t always provide the necessary support for us, back pain sufferers. In fact, most armchairs aren’t ergonomic and long hours of sitting in them may cause serious issues.

In today’s guide we’ve managed to gather the five best living room chairs for back pain that do something better compared to a common armchair.

However, there’s not a single solution for everyone. For this very reason, I advise you to carefully read through every option detailed in this guide to make a better decision.

Also, please don’t expect me to list those fluffy recliner chairs. I’ve a firm belief that they don’t promote a healthy posture, so I’ll just simply exclude these from my list.

If the décor allows for it GDF Studio’s Elizabeth with a massive, extra high back support and relatively higher seat height is one of the best armchairs for back pain sufferers for sure.

Brylanehome Wingback Recliner adds some extra pleasure with its two reclining backrest and an additional footrest.

Note: This might be obvious, but whichever ergonomic armchair you stick with, keep in mind that you can further upgrade on your posture by throwing a firm pillow at your lumbar area.

Here’s a short comparison table to start off our tour with:

✔️ Recliner

✔️ Firm seat and backrest

✔️ Still comfortable

❌  You’ll need to hold up when reclined

✔️  Regular armchair

✔️  High backrest

✔️  Easy to sit down & stand up

✔️  Easy assembly

✔️  Not too cushy

✔️  High back support

✔️  High seat height

✔️  Supportive neck and armrest

✔️  Won’t sink in it

✔️  Promotes healthy posture

✔️  High-enough backrest

❌  Need to hold back when reclined

✔️  Compact size

✔️  Firm padding, to avoid sinking

✔️  Easy to get out from it

✔️  Promotes health posture while sitting

Best Armchairs for Back Pain Sufferers

GDF Studio Elizaberth Recliner

best chair for back pain living room

Elizabeth is one of the two recliner armchairs on our best armchair for back support list. This genuine looking recliner attracts the eye for sure: the tufted fabric and 5 different color variations allows for fitting it into both modern, minimal or rustic home décors.

As you know, sinking into an armchair can be the main cause of back problems if you do that for long hours. The Elizabeth features a firm seat and backrest, that prevents bad posture.

Speaking of the backrest, that’s the second strength of this armchair for back pain sufferers: you can recline with it to around 15-25 degrees.

A footrest further pleases you to get a relaxing posture. However, keep in mind that a person above 6’ might find it a bit short.

What the Elizabeth also excels in is backrest height. A high backrest can be essential to maintain right posture, especially for taller people. You can even put a pillow right under your neck to further increase the correct sitting angle.

Since the Elizabeth has an extremely low price compared to other recliners, we can expect that it has some letdowns. Actually, there’s only one worth mentioning here. You might find it hard to hold the backrest pushed back, so this recliner isn’t the one that you’ll relax in for hours.

Still, the Elizabeth is the top one on our the best armchairs for back pain sufferers list, thanks to its unbeatable price tag and firm but comfortable padding.

Best Armchair for Back Support

Wilmer Oxford

best chair for back pain living room

If I were to name one our list which is the best armchair for back support, I’d go for the Wilmer Oxford.

Featuring 5 color options, the Oxford will match most home interiors including the nowadays so trendy cottage style. On the other hand, the color ‘Slate’ can be the perfect choice for a modern interior as well.

Important: Although it goes very well with most décors, please note that this might not be that chairs that fits rustic interiors.

Coming in a tufted, but not over cushioned seat and backrest, the Wilmer Oxford will surely be a companion of fellow back painers. Don’t be afraid though. It’s still comfy enough to relax in it.

Concerning the backrest. It leans back just slightly so you won’t need to sit straight up, however it makes it easy to maintain correct posture even for half an hour or so. The backrest is also pretty high, so taller people will find this supportive enough.

Compared to the Elizabeth it has no recline option, however, it does one thing very well. It’s easy to sit down and stand up from it, thanks to the 19.5” seat height. This can be a great benefit not just for a person suffering from back pain for years, but for the elderly as well.

Another advantage of the Oxford is when it comes to putting it together. For most, it only takes around 10 minutes and it can be assembled even alone.

Take note: There’s a ‘Leather’ option among the color variations of the Oxford. Although the manufacturer says it’s leather, in fact it’s faux leather, however, the better one of that.

Best Rocking Chair for Back Pain

Baxton Studio Yashiya

Ergonomic rocking chairs are quite uncommon. Baxton Studio’s Yashiya is one of the few though, and this is the reason why we chose it as the best rocking chair for back pain.

When we’re looking for an ergonomic armchair, the first thing we examine is the backrest. Well, Yashiya’s backrest is high enough to support your neck, and not just your back which will result in an appropriate sitting posture.

Just to make things clear: this isn’t the rocking chair you’ll sink into. It’s firm, and I realize that it can be a drawback for some people, however you have to admit that a too cushy seat never promotes healthy sitting. Not being overstuffed, it still comes with a dense and supportive padding applied even to the armrests.

Compared to other armchairs or rocking chairs, there’s a thing that the Yashiya does a better job with: seat height. It’s undoubted that humping down on a chair can cause issues to our spine. At 19.89” you definitely won’t need to fall onto the padding, because you can easily lower your bottom to that height. Another positive characteristic of this is when it comes to standing up: it’s much easier to rise up from it.

There’s a good reason why the Yashiya has crawled up onto our list: with a high-enough seat, firm but supportive back, neck and armrests it’ll be a excellent choice for back pain fighters.

Important: Although it’s not included in the package, there’s an ottoman available for this chair.

Small Recliners with Good Back Support

Brylanehome Recliner

best chair for back pain living room

If you’re one of the back pain sufferers once hoping to be relieved by a LazyBoy recliner, you’re at the right place.

The reason we feature the Brylanehome on our Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain list is that lot of us want some extra recline pampering while conserving the correct posture for our spines.

Being said that, the Brylanehome Recliner is an ergonomic armchair that won’t let you sink in thanks to its firm padding. It gives just firm enough support for your back and also for your neck.

Speaking of the backrest: it’s a one-setting recliner. If you push it back, it will lean back, but not as much you can lie in it.

As for the Elizabeth Recliner, the Brylanehome suffers from a drawback. You’ll need to hold the leaned backrest with some force to make it stay in place. Although this isn’t uncommon in this lower price range, it might be frustrating for some.

Another benefit of the Brylanehome is easy assembly. Most customers have made it through the instructions less than 30 minutes without needing a hand.

If there’s to be another drawback, I’d mention the cover being just faux leather. Although it’s realistic, easy to clean, it might be disappointing for some.

Elderly’s Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain

Medford Club Chair

best supportive armchair for the elderly

If you’re looking for an elegant, yet ergonomic addition to your living room, or a smaller bedroom the Medford Club Chair will be your best bet.

Coming in 8 color alternatives, you’ll surely find the best fit for your home. Its size makes it easily adjusted into even smaller rooms, however it can be an excellent focal point of a larger living room as well.

By soon reaching the end of our guide, you must have realized that we’ve chosen firm padded chairs exceptionally. It’s not that we love sitting on a lumber piece, rather it’s about healthy posture.

The Medfor Club Chair is not exception from that either. Thanks to its firm seat and backrest, it’s easy to get out from it, and also sit maintain the appropriate posture for your spine. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to sit straight up: the Medford allows for leaning backwards slightly, but not too much.

As said before, firm cushioning won’t allow you to sink which can be the main cause of back pain after sitting in a chair.

Speaking of seat height: However, the Medford isn’t the highest in terms, it’s 18” making it still accessible to drop down on gradually. Can’t stress it enough, how important this can be for an elderly person!