Lower back pain can encumber us in our everyday lives.

Maintaining a bad posture while eating on a family get-together can have a dramatic effect on our lumbar areas, and that can ruin a whole party for us. Not to mention lifting those awfully weighty dining chairs.

At this point, ergonomic dining chairs come into the picture.

They’re not just ergonomically designed, but also lightweight, so you definitely won’t strain your back when lifting them.

All in all, you’ll be able to provide a more convenient party for the whole family, if you go with one of these.

Are you in a hurry? Here are our top 2 recommendations:

However, if you have some spare time, we invite you to go through all best dining chairs for bad backs in 2018 we present here. Have a good read!

The 4 Best Dining Chairs for Bad Backs

1. Designer Pick Poly and Bark Organic Arm Chair for Back Pain

best ergonomic dining chairs

Poly and Bark set standards high with its mid-price range Organic Arm Chair. Rooting back to 1940, this dining chair was designed for the New York Museum of Modern Art’s.

Although I cannot say that the Poly and Bark is a medical-grade product, it still does its job well in back pain management. Featuring a hand-formed shell, the backrest is really comfortable for your back to lean against.

Weighing only 22 lbs it takes really little effort to toss it back when you stand up or sit down. No more back-strains I guess.

A huge advantage of the Poly and Bark is the straightforward construction – it takes no longer than 60 seconds to put together.

Covered with a tough burlap-type weave fabric, the Poly and Bark comes in six eye-catching color variations: black, blue, orange, red, taupe and light grey so that anyone can find the best fit for their interior.

As soon as you sit down, you’ll instantly notice how durable the Organic Arm Chair is. It’ll provide a weight limit of 280 lbs so that everyone in the family may take seat without worry.

If you’re a fan of mid-century design but want to make sure you’ll maintain the right posture while dining, the Poly and Bark can be the best bet for you.

2. Best Comfortable Dining Chair for Back Pain

Dorel Living Clairborne Dining Chair

 best dining chairs for bad backs

This classic, upholstered looking dining chair is more than just a furniture – it’s rather a pleasant combination of well thought-out ergonomic design spiced up with a good amount of elegance.

Its most remarkable feature is the ergonomic shoulder support. Despite the backrest not having the ‘S’ contour, the shoulder support helps you maintain the upright position while you’re having lunch.

The seating pad is at optimal height: 18” from the ground, whereas the backrest’s total height is 40”.

The Clairborne features an extra cushy, velvet cover making it super comfortable. Even sitting on these for hours won’t make your bottom hurt.

Out of the box, the Clairborne comes unassembled, but thanks to the straightforward design, it takes no longer than 5 minutes to put it together.

Ergonomic design comes with a price. I won’t say that this chair is easy to lift with the 41 lbs of weight. If you’ve serious back pain issues or after a surgical operation, I advise you to go with the extra light Coavas dining chair.

Pro tip: If you often get in a hunched-over position, apply a lumbar pillow to the backrest. All-in-all, this will result having a super back friendly device with lumbar and shoulder support.

If you’re after elegance that provides proper support for your back, and don’t mind that extra weight, I can heartily recommend this beautiful piece of furniture.

3. Top Pick Dining Chairs for Bad Backs

Coavas Dining Chair

top dining chair for back pain

When looking at the Coavas Dining Chair you’ll immediately notice something. The notorious ‘S’ shape which so many fellow back pain sufferers seek for is now for your convenience at the dining table. However, this is only the beginning of its benefits.

There’s a good reason why we chose the Coavas as the flagship dining chair of this list.

It not only supports your spine properly but comes in an ultra-lightweight design. Coming in 9.9 pounds it’s pleasing not just for the eye but for your lower back problems as well.

On the other hand, the Coavas Dining Chair features robust metal legs that can handle 250 lbs at most. They don’t look that metal-ish though thanks to their walnut finishing. On each leg’s end rubber protectors prevent scratching your dining room’s parquet. These protectors make tossing the chair extra quiet as well.

Four different color variations give you a good opportunity to match one with your pre-existing dining room or living room interiors.

If these weren’t enough, the Coavas Dining Chair has a ridiculously low price tag, being almost the half of any other contestant’s on this list.

A 30 day money back guarantee is not a bad thing to have either. I’ve been told that Coavas’ support team is more than welcome to replace your product without asking a question.

For us, there’s no doubt: this is the best dining chairs for bad backs with a reasonable price, proper spine alignment and sleek attractiveness.

4. Durable Pick for Best Chairs for Bad Backs

OTTITI Modern Dining Chairs

durable dining chair for back pain

There are shapes which don’t go out of fashion. OTTITI presents us their shell-like contoured dining chair which’s shape is known from the mid-century. Don’t worry though, it’s not all about appearance when I’m talking about the Modern Dining Chair.

First of all, the Modern Dining Chair is one of the rare dining chairs that feature an ‘S’ shape with their backrest. For most, this will provide proper support at the lumbar area when leaning back on it.

It’s also worth noting that the non-toxic polypropylene plastic is extremely easy to clean, which can be a huge advantage for families having small kids around.

Although they might not be cushy enough for you without an extra cushion, they provide a flexible seating experience.

Secondly, OTTITI scores extremely high on our durability criteria, because it can hold up to 300 lbs. You’ll be surprised how heavy duty is the overall feel of this chair when first sitting on it.

The secret lies in two aspects here. Beech legs provide stability, but what add more to its sturdiness are the meshed wire metals that firmly connect each leg. Let’s admit that they aren’t there for just this reason though. They lend an exclusive demeanor to this piece of furniture.

As compact as it gets, OTTITI’s chair can fit under any dining table with its seating pad’s height of 18.5” and the backrest’s height at 32.7”.

Taking its place in the lower price range, the OTTITI can be the best dining chairs for bad backs for people who are seeking for an ergonomic solution, extra sturdiness at a reasonable price.