Taking a peek at today’s ergonomic chair lineup, I’m honestly saying that it’s hard to find one that’s really good for back pain. Most of them are shiny on the surface but give nothing to you in terms of lower back alleviation.

For that very reason I’ve collected the best office chairs for lower back pain that stood the test of time and aren’t just fancy on their outer shell.

In the first guide I aim to provide help to those who’re on a low budget. However in the following weeks, I aim to create separate buying guides which will include ergonomic chairs with a heftier price tag.

For those who are in a hurry: I’ve made a table for you to spare some time. You’ll find the most notable advantages/disadvantages of the chairs in this table. You can also get more info on them by clicking on the ‘Deatils’ buttons.

Now stay focused, and get along with me to explore the best office chairs designed explicitly for lower back pain alleviation. Here we go.

The High-back Recliner Ergonomic Office Chair

orthopedic chairs for lower back pain

Actually you might find this funny, but within the lower price range gaming chairs take their place among the top in terms of functionality and quality combined.

To be honest I’ve never liked gaming style chairs but its undeniable they pamper most people’s lower back more compared to an average office chairs.

The High-back Recliner Ergonomic Office Chair is no exception either. The manufacturer has squeezed into it a good bunch of useful functions that will make this one of the best budget ergonomic chairs out there currently.

Speaking of its appearance, I wouldn’t say that it’s pleasing for my eye to look at it. White lines on black leather make it want to copy the theme of racing cars which I find dumb actually. Since this is a piece of furniture, you’ll need to make sure that the black & white pattern fits your home otherwise it will stand out too much:

Taking a closer look will surely please you though. As you can see it’s a full-back chair providing enough support to not only your spine, but your shoulders as well.

What I like about it the most is its variability. The lever on the right side operates with ease and you can set the angle of the back with one single motion. From straight 90 degrees you’ll set the back to 180° which allows you to lie down flat. If you decide to have a short nap in your office in the 180°mode, there’s also a leg rest for your pleasure.

Why did I choose this as a top back pain relief chair?

  1. It features an all-adjustable lumbar pad which really just the pricier chairs have. You’re able to pull up the pad till your shoulders, or lower it to your lower back
  2. It holds your back firmly by your shoulders and puts your spine into alignment
  3. You can set the angle of the back so that you’ll be able to sit straight up with a proper S curve in your back

The only drawback this chair has its cover. It’s PU leather instead of real leather, which is absolutely understandable in this price range but can be a concern for some. Another small letdown that I need to include is that the bolts come loose quite often. You’re better of tightening them every once in a while to avoid accidents.

Other than these I highly recommend this ergonomic chair to anyone suffering of lower back pain.

LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair

A more elegant solution can be the LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair. What you’ll instantly notice when looking at this ergonomic office chair is breathable mesh cover it features:

chairs for bad backs

This not only makes it elegant, but also super breathable. You can say bye-bye to hot summer afternoons.

Although design being the last aspect of an ergonomic product the LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair really has something in it. Simple, curved lines make it appealing to the eye and also a great fit of modern, minimalist interiors.

Not all office chairs are easy to assemble. Since the construction is not over-complicated, the situation was quite different with the LCH. Straightforward instructions help you get it assembled in a piece of cake way.

In terms of sizes, this chair is a regular one with a 26.5” high back. You can’t set the tilting position so precisely as with the High-Back Recliner Ergonomic Chair, but there’s still the usual handle for tilting the whole chair backwards.

As many office chairs the LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair provides you to set the sitting height with a control handle.

Although the LCH doesn’t feature any adjustable lumbar pads, it has one built in its framing. Compared to the High-Back Recliner this is a drawback but since the contour of the framing is just in the right position, most users will find this suitable for lower back support.

You can get advantage of the neck pillow as well. If you’re having a lazy Friday afternoon, just tilt back and relax your head on it for a few minutes.

If you take a glance at other chairs you’ll instantly notice that the LCH High Back looks way more slender. Honestly, I prefer these lightweight chairs much more compared to bulky ones.

At first you might think that the delicate design comes with a price, right? Not at all. Thanks to its metal framing the LCH features great stability and sturdiness despite its featherweight appearance.

Something that many of you enquired about is the arms being adjustable or not. Since they’re in the right height when sitting in an upright position I did not experience any complications with the non-adjustable armrests.

One neat thing that I enjoyed in this chair is its maneuverability. Thanks to the high quality casters and wheels, the LCH moves around on flat surfaces very effectively.

The only drawback that I could mention about the LCH Ergonomic Office Chair is that taller people (like 6 feet or taller) might struggle with the neck pillow and the lumbar support not being at proper height.

Other than that, the LCH bears extreme value for its price and I can hardly find a better solution for lower back pain sufferers in this price range.

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

I’ll be honest with you. The Homall  Executive Swivel Gaming Chair won’t fit everyone reading this article. The reason why it made it to my 5 best office chairs for back pain list is that apart from its drawbacks, it still performs well for the money.

Like I mentioned before, I’m not a fond believer of gaming-style chairs. I need to admit one thing though: despite the not-so-appealing look, they can do well for a back pain sufferer like us.

orthopedic chairs for lower back pain

Apart from its design, the Homall Executive chair has several benefits though. First of all, this is a full size backrest office chair which gives your shoulder blades, thus your entire back enough support. It’s comfortable enough to sit in it for long hours. It feels really sturdy and stable when sitting in it.

It also features an adjustable position lumbar pillow for your working pleasure. I won’t say that this cushion is medical-grade, but it does its job. You can set it on a strap which is tied to the back of the chair.

If you prefer, there’s an option to strap on the neck pillow as well. Although I’m sure it won’t help the proper alignment for your spine (the ‘S’ shape), but it can come handy when you’re tilting backwards.

Speaking of tilting. Like the High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair the Homall Executive also features gradual bending backwards, which is a major advantage in this price range.

This chair also features adjustable neck rest, which I honestly never used, but can come in handy when tilting the backrest down to flat.

Now about the armrests, since many of you asked about them. The armrest is 26” high from the ground and can come a bit flimsy after some months of use, so you’ll probably need to check bolts and tighten them. There’s no extra cover on them for convenience either, still they’re okay to rest your ankle on because of their height.

The Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is a good buy for the price but it has some downsides.

To point these out, I’d start with the lack of proper instructions. Actually, there’s no manual in the box. Although you can figure out relatively easy, it makes assembly time a bit longer compared to other chairs in the list.

Also, the maximum weight it can handle is said to be 300 lbs, but I heard that people being 270lbs were complaining about the chair not being stable under their pressure. No one have reported though that the chair would have collapsed, still it’s good to bear in mind.

If you’re looking for extra convenience and variability, the Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is still a great buy for the price despite its letdowns.

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back

Another Homall make is the Ergonomic Racing Chair with High-Back.

If you prefer simple looking office chairs that have a decent back support, this might be the one for your back-pain needs.

At first look, the Red/Black colored version is quite pleasing to the eye, though Homall could have gotten rid of those white stripes:

orthopedic chairs for lower back pain

Still can’t complain about the look. Although the cover is PU Leather, the overall design is satisfying and I think that (despite that white stripe) this office chair will fit most interiors. What else can we expect for the price?

Being 27” long from the seat and 3” thick, the backrest has a decent “S”-like shape that gives your lower back a good support. There’s no optional lumbar cushion, but you’ll notice that it’s very comfortable to lean against the back.

Although the backrest is comfortable, the seat isn’t the best for a whole day sit. I know this is a budget office chair, but it’d need some more cushioning because it’s tough to sit on for long hours.

What I love about the Homall Ergonomic Racing chair though is the armrests. You cannot set their height, but they can be pulled back in align with the back, so that it can be pushed under your desk without them blocking the way.

Also it has some decent cushion on top, so your ankles won’t hurt because of the flat, plastic surface.

As you might thought, this chair comes with some letdowns as well.

Like our previous one on the list, the Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair is somewhat hard to put together. For most, it took up to 30 or even 45 minutes to assemble. Good thing to hear is that you don’t need any tools for the process. Everything’s included in the package.

As many on the budget office chair list, the Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair suffers of inaccurate construction signs. To be more specific, it’s sometimes hard to put screws through their holes because overlapping parts are not drilled through accurately.

Despite its drawbacks, the Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair is still a decent buy for back pain sufferers, because of its nice S-like backrest shape. It provides proper lumbar support at the right area and has a neat design.

High Back Executive Office Chair

The High Back Executive Office Chair wins the presentation prize on our list without any doubt.

Featuring a good looking PU Leather cover, I’m quite sure that this chair will fit most apartments or offices out there. I know PU Leather sucks but for the price, it just looks great:

chairs for bad backs

What I like most in this chair is its back support. It actually makes you straight up right, in the correct posture, but somehow stays convenient to sit in even for long hours. Also, there’s the usual rocking motion which will further increase your convenience.

The armrests give decent support but other reviewers tell me that they can wear out within a year if you bend on it with your ankles a lot. They cannot be set to reach proper height you wish still they’ll be OK for most in terms of height.

On our list, this chair is probably the most cushioned one. It’s comfortable to sit in it for even long hours a day.

It’s also easy to assemble compared to others on our list. It’ll take no more than 20 minutes, which is probably because of lack of fancy features. There are proper instructions that come along with an additional allen wrench. You won’t need your own tools at all.

Like every cheap office chair, this has a drawback as well.

First and most important among them is that it can come apart after a year of usage. If you don’t tighten those bolts, be prepared to faint back once. This happened not only once among other customers.

Apart from that, from a convenience standpoint, this is undoubtedly the winner on our list. If you want a more ‘medical-grade’, more lower back support office chair though, you’d better go off with the LCH High Back Office Chair because it does a better job in that.