best rocking chair for back pain winner

President Kennedy.

He’s known to be suffering of chronic back pain issues and had major relief when using his rocking chairs.

In fact he was sitting in his rocking chair even on board Air Force One. That says a lot about it, I guess.

There’s no question: rocking chairs do soothe bad backs, as research shows too. And this is just one of the many health benefits rocking chairs carry.

Today we’ve gathered the best rocking chairs for back pain in an extensive guide.

If you’re in a hurry:

Our winner is the Haotian rocking chair with lumbar support, being the sole on our list that will have a slight push against your lower back area. Give it a shot to soothe your aching backs.

It’s always worth skimming through all the contestants, though. There are some more awesome rocking chairs for back pain on the list. Have a good time reading!


PictureNameProsConsCheck price
Haotian rocking chair for bad backsHaotian Rocking ChairPros: Built-in lumbar support, lightweight & sturdy, great priceCons: slips on carpetPrice
Iona rocking chair for back painBaxton Studio IonaPros: super-wide, high backrest, firm cushionCons: a bit bulkyPrice
Designer rocking chairHankPros: best design, firm seat and backrest, easy assemblyCons: slips on carpetPrice
Best outdoor rocking chair for back painTimber Ridge Outdoor RockerPros: outdoor & indoor use, neck/head pillow, folding, high backrestCons: takes up a lot of space, especially indoorsPrice

Rocking chair with lumbar support: Haotian FST15-DG

Haotian rocking chair for bad backs

Lumbar support – This Haotian rocking chair is the only rocking chair on our list that comes with an ergonomic structure and a built-in lumbar support.

Long is the list of rocking chairs with straight or even arched backrests, but you’ll hardly find any with real lumbar support. This is the simple reason, why it made onto the top of our Best Rocking Chair for Back Pain list.

The little curve is placed right at your aching lower back area and believe me, it does pamper it.

Lightweight but sturdy design – Although it’s not as wide as the Iona, it still provides plenty of space even for nursing moms. And when saying ‘lightweight’ it doesn’t come with flimsiness.

Made of birch, the FST15-DG will surely stand the test of time even with rampaging toddlers around you.

Unbeatable price – Compared to the other competents and taking the lumbar support into  account the Haotian FST15-DG wins the price match as well.

Drawback: slippery on carpet – The only downside worth mentioning about the Haotian is the it being too slippery on carpets. This can be easily aided by not rocking with too much effort, so you’ll stay in place.

Extra wide rocking chair: Baxton Studio Iona

Iona rocking chair for back pain

Extra-wide design – This tufted rocking chair will be your best friend if you consider yourself big or want to nurse your baby. Both in terms of height and width, it overcomes most of its competitors and offers plenty of comfy space when you’re seated.

Tall backrest with wings – The backrest is high enough to comfort taller people (above 6’) as well. What adds some extra comfort are the side wings, so you can rest your head on them if you want to have a short nap.

Firm cushion, no slouching in – I loved that the fabric is not so cushy. This is definitely not the chair you’ll slouch in and it helps you maintain a healthier posture.

It’s a bit bulky, though – What I consider as a disadvantage here is  bulkiness. You know, it’s great that the Iona is sturdy enough to survive a zombie attack. But when shorter women complain that it’s hard to rock back and forth, then maybe it’s too durable.

Ergonomic rocking chair: Hank Mid Century

Designer rocking chair

Contemporary design – On the design part, this chair really bought me. It’s so simple and clear that modern or even rustic interiors will heartily welcome it.

Firm-enough seat and backrest – Not being too firm and not too cushy, the Hank chair stands between the two. You won’t experience any back pain caused by sinking in the overly-cushy upholstery.

Easy assembly – Although the Hank comes in separate parts, it will take no longer than some minutes to put it together.

One letdown: too slippery – Although being a super back saving rocking chair even the Hank comes with slippery legs. Wonder why manufacturers can’t just put a rubber piece on them?

Most comfortable outdoor rocking chair: Timber Ridge Foldable

Best outdoor rocking chair for back pain

Convincing design, even for indoor use – Who said outdoor rocking chairs don’t look good? This Timber Ridge Folding chair may be used outdoors or indoors as well thanks to its elegant look. Super sturdy supporting up to 300 lbs but staying lightweight thanks to the metal framing.

Super-high backrest to relieve back pain – Whether you’re struggling with lower or upper back pain, the right angle and the height (21 inches) of the backrest will surely be aid to you.

Neck pillow for comfort – This is definitely not the magic of it, however a plus comforting neck pillow always comes in handy if you want to have a nap in your backyard.

It’s folding – If you’re planning to take the Timber Ridge with you on a fishing trip or just camping, this feature will be appealing to you. Without much effort, this chair folds away making it a portable back saver.

Takes up a lot of space – The only con I would mention is that it requires more space for rocking than an indoor rocker. Also, when folded away, it’s still a bit bulky making it a bit hard to fit into the back of smaller cars.

Rocking chairs with lumbar support

As you can see, there was only one rocking chair with lumbar support on my list.


Because I know no more than that! Of course, there are options in the $1000 or $2000 range, but in this guide I aim to list those that are affordable for most families.

Best bet: get a lumbar pillow

You’ll be better off with a lumbar support pillow, I say.

What I suggest is to try something thicker as you won’t get enough support from a cushy one. The reason is obvious: you’ll squeeze such a pillow too easily with your lower back and won’t get the desired aid from it.

What I also advise is to possibly get a lumbar pillow with straps, so you can attach it to the backrest and it won’t slip down.

A decent option is Relax Support’s Lumbar Pillow. Here’s how it looks:

lumbar pillow for rocking chair with straps

This lumbar pillow gives your lumbar area much more aid compared to most of the pillows on the market.

Of course, it’s not a piece of concrete – it’s just as soft as needed helping your spine maintain the so called ‘S’ posture while in a rocking chair.