Suffering of low back pain after gardening? You do weed a lot? I can relate.

Use a stand up weeder and try to avoid the hassle with those dandelions under your feet.

Back in the days, I used to weed on a daily basis. Even in 95 degrees. Can you imagine that? All that sweat and the useless dandelion weeders around made me mad.

As a professional landscaper I used to say that these long handled weeding tools need a lot of effort to use, especially when you’re maintaining a large lawn.

However, if you’re a DIY gardener and have the time to remove each dandelion individually, these stand up weeders will definitely save your back.

the best weed removal: Fiskars

My old Fiskars weed removal tool left on the patio.

Here’s a quick recap about which stand up weeders have made it onto my weeding tools list:

As many before me have been convinced by its back saving features, the Fiskars Extendable back saving stand up weeder seemed to be king for dandelions. A super long shaft and easy-to-use characteristics made it the best long handled weeding tool for me.

If you’re aiming not just for dandelions but for larger weeds even in borders, Radius Garden’s Stainless Steel Weeding Tool will fit you as the best stand up weeder.

However, I urge you to do at least a quick skim-through of our guide to choose the possible best long handled weeding tool for yourself.

Believe me, it’s worth it. All those painful hours after gardening will tell you the same. Happy reading!


PictureNameWeightLengthProsConsCheck price
The Fiskars stand up weed removal toolFiskars 4-Claw Weed Remover2.8 lbs39"Telescopic shaft, removes roots too, lightweightNonePrice
Radius garden: all arounder stand up weeder to pull out larger weeds as wellRadius Garden 2056.7 lbs44.7"Can be used for weeds in borders, durableHeavy, takes out more soilPrice
Worth Garden Stand Up Weeder2.2 lbs34"5 claws, sturdy, money-back guaranteeClaws not massive enoughPrice

Best stand up weeder for lawn: Fiskars Extendable 4-Claw deluxe

The Fiskars stand up weed removal tool

Telescopic extendable shaft –  At max height of 39” the Fiskars stand up weeder is one of the longest handled weeding tools on the list. Moreover, you can easily set the height of the shaft to avoid back strains and maintain a healthy posture.

Durable construction – Compared to the previous versions, the 4-Claw Extendable does a great job even in a bit thicker soil. Don’t deterred by the negative critiques: if you do follow user instructions, you’ll be experiencing outstanding endurance. Just don’t step on the foot lever with your total weight!

Pulls out weeds with the roots – Compared to the others on the list the Fiskars was the one doing the best job pulling out the roots as well. If you manage to embrace the roots successfully with the 4 claws then it’s childsplay.

Take a look at those claws. They can easily pull out even a larger dandelion.

Lightweight materials – Fiskars loves plastic for sure. But don’t be afraid of that. Plastic might seem more breakable than steel, it has a big advantage: it’s lightweight. At 2.8 pounds it’s one of the most lightweight long handled weeding tool on our list.

Best all-around weeding stick: Radius Garden 205 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Weeder

Radius garden: all arounder stand up weeder to pull out larger weeds as well

Not just for lawn-weeds – The biggest selling point compared to the other contenders on our weeding tools list is that you can easily dig out larger weeds. You’ve got a border full of enormous weeds? Consider job done.

Ultra-strong construction – Well, steel is better than plastic in some aspects. As you grab this stand up weeder, you’ll instantly notice that it’ll stand the test of thick soil and larger weed roots as well.

Longer shaft with Radius grip – A 44.7” long shaft and the so-called Radius Grip makes this tool one of my favourite weeding tools ever. You can easily grab the handle from several angles of course, with a straight back, thanks to its lengthiness.

Much heavier than the competitors – Durability comes with the price of bulkiness. Weighing 6.7 lbs, this long handled weeding tool is more like a narrow digging spade than a weeder. Be prepared that it’s also more difficult to operate as well not just to carry around.

Takes more soil out – Since it features a spade-like head, the Radius Garden 205 unfortunately takes out a bit more soil compared to lawn weeding tools. If you want something specifically designed for lawn-weeding, the Fiskars will be a better bet.

Stainless steel lawn weeder: Worth Garden Stand Up Weeder And Root Removal Tool

If you think Fiskars will break… – There are sound believers of stainless steel tools and there are followers of plastic ones. Worth Garden is a great alternative to the plastic Fiskars stand up weeder, but only if you plan to weed your lawn.

Not the longest one, still long enough – A 34” shaft is definitely enough for most people. Although I’m taller than 6’, and that’s why I prefer the Fiskars over this.

Sturdy construction – What I loved about the Worth Garden weed removal was materials. Who else on earth produces 95% steel products? The zinc plated stainless steel will serve you for a lifetime without rust for sure.

Lightweight – And one might think that steel garden tools can’t be lightweight? Here’s the catch: the Worth Garden weighs only 2.2 lbs that is actually lighter than Fiskars’ aluminum and plastic.

5-claw to remove them all – Compared to the Fiskars lawn weed removal tool, the Worth Garden features 5 claws. This makes it somewhat more precise to pick the weed out.

3-year money-back guarantee – And on top of it, the company offers a 3-year money-back guarantee. Basically, you can try out their product for free, if you’re not satisfied for some reason.

Claws not massive enough – The only letdown I could list here is that the claws aren’t bulky enough to grab weeds in some situations. They’re basically just small steel sticks rather than ‘claws’. The Fiskars has better thought-out claws with ribs on them.  

Why is it beneficial to use a long handled weeding tool?

Less low back pain after gardening – Long handled weeding tools can definitely help you with it. If you do a lot of weeding like I do I’d say it’s a must. It’s even more important if you’re weeding the lawn, because that’s the tough part of the job.

Long handled weeders will also help you with knee issues, not just lower back pain. Just think about it. You’ll need to drop to your knees a lot less with these.

Pro tip: Check out my Best Gardening Tools for Elderly guide if you want to make your life easier in your yard.

Don’t need weed killer chemicals – If you’ve kids or grandkids, this is a huge advantage. I’d always advised my clients to avoid weed killers until they can, especially with young ones, let alone babies around.

Now this border required hand weeding. No use of long-handled weeders here.

Better pull-out efficiency than handheld weeders – Handheld weeders can work in some situations, but most of the time, you’ll end up doing more work with them. A stand up weeder will help you to effortlessly remove those nasty dandelions and their roots.

What to look out for when using a stand up weeder?

Won’t work with root mats – There are some cases when long handled weeding tools just won’t work. Weeding root mats are such.

Creeping woodsorrel (Oxalis corniculata) is unfortunately present in most yards, and stand up weeders won’t do their magic on them. You’ll need to pull these out with a handheld weeder instead.

Always read instructions manual – How many times I had a headache because of skipping this… If you don’t want to crack your tool, please do take the time to read through the manual, even if it looks straightforward.

Use limited force especially with Fiskars – Don’t forget: these aren’t digging shovels. You can unleash pure power on an aluminum plus plastic shaft, but it’ll surely break apart.