Looking for a cheaper solution among the vast selection of over-priced enormous standing desks, you decided to buy a standing desk for your laptop which is smaller yet cheaper. Or you’re short on space in your office and want to make sure you get a standing desk that fits in precisely.

Here’s the catch: some standing desks not only just bear a lower price tag, but can promise your laptop even better features. Hint: You might not be needing a whole standing desk, just a laptop stand.

It’s not only about elevating your monitor, but more like reaching the right angle to help you maintain a correct posture when sitting and standing as well.

If you’re using specifically just a laptop, then I’ve got good news for you: you won’t need to break bank and will still be able to choose from a good amount of standing desks for laptops.

In this guide, we single handedly picked the 4 best laptop standing desks for your convenience.

In a hurry? We recommend the iCraze standing desk for laptops as the budget choice above all, packed with great functionality. However it has minimal area to navigate around with your mouse.

If you’re looking for ultimate convenience, the UPDEZK is your pick.

And if versatility matters to you, take the BackPainHelp’s with you into your office or into the bed. It’s up to you, really.

Okay, but the king of the hill here is the Ying Tripod. Featuring a sturdy, still lightweight design and smooth functionality, he’ll be the most sought for on our list without a doubt.

Still, I encourage you to go through the entire list and spend some time looking at the specs to exactly match your needs. Back pain sufferers: let’s march onwards!

Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand:

1. Ying Tripod Portable Laptop desk

best standing desk for laptop

I’ll begin our little tour with the Ying Tripod Portable Laptop Desk which is the most general, all-arounder on our list in terms of construction.

As you’ve probably noticed, most standing desks operate from one stance to another by pulling 2 trigger points at the same time. Gas cylinders and springs help in your way down or up preventing you to strain your lower back.

The Ying Tripod is no exception from this. Its well thought out, lightweight aluminum-alloy design lets you do the elevation effortlessly from 4” to 18” ft in height.

What really got me in the Ying Tripod Laptop Standing Desk is its versatility. You can literally use it for your laptop, but can hold up to 60 lbs of weight safely, so if you decide to put a monitor on it there’s no one holding you back.

Also, a decent amount of space isn’t bad either, right? The 20.8” wide and 11.4” deep sit and stand desk will provide you enough space for a laptop, or even a larger sized monitor.

I don’t know if you do, but I love pre-assembled products. With the Ying Tripod, you won’t need to grab a single tool to start using it. Unpack, raise it up, and feel instant alleviation in your lower back.

If these benefits weren’t enough, Ying Tripod pleases us with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’ve only a laptop that you want to use stood up, the Ying can’t be beaten in price/quality ratio.

Budget bet from the best standing desk for laptop

2. iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop

If I could make this the winner of two prizes at once, I’d definitely nominate the iCraze for the most lightweight and the cheapest standing desk for laptops on our list.

As you’ll notice instantly, when taking a peek this is not a desk, but more like a laptop stand used to elevate your working space for proper spine alignment:

best budget laptop stand

The iCraze comes in an appealing, zig-zag like outfit featuring an aluminum desk and plastic legs making it easy to raise with one hand. This is not only handy at home but when you transport it to your office for some reason.

The desk surface provides just enough space for a maximum of a 17” laptop on a 16.5” x 10.75” area. A mouse tray is also packed within this little guy which can be attached to both sides of the desk featuring an additional area of 5 ¾” x 6 ¼”.

iCraze promises 30 pounds of weight to be placed on their stand without ruining it. Considering the plastic parts and longevity I’d say that it should hold around 20 pounds safely.

A really neat option that comes with the iCraze are the two plastic clips on the lower end of the desk surface. This allows you to attach a tablet in a standing position in case you want to do a quick Skype call or whatnot.

The iCraze’s secret lies though in a ventilation system attached to the bottom of the stand. Two fans blow through fresh air to the bottom of your laptop which prevent it from overheating. While they’re extra silent (compared to other laptop stand fans) they still pump a decent amount of air and operate quite well.

The unusual legs allow you to reach a max height of 18 ¾”  which will suit even a taller person (6’2”) like I am. Great thing about these multi-purpose legs is that you can simply fold them to fit you in the bed or an “L” shape if you’re sky high in a standing posture.

No matter if you prefer the “Z” or “L” shapes they’re all easy to set up and require really no effort. You can customize the angles to your needs

One drawback that I’d point out is the whole thing being a bit wobbly when typing. I’m not saying it’s unusable, but be prepared that it’s not as stable as a standing desk.

Apart from that, the iCraze has really amazed me: a quality, lightweight laptop stand for an extremely low budget.

Best versatile standing desk for laptop

3. Portable Folding Notebook Stand

Being quite similar to the iCraze, BackPainHelp’s Portable Folding Laptop Desk will help you out when it comes to good posture:

best standing desk for laptop

Arriving in black, red and silver tones, this stand’s appearance beats all up on our list. What elegance and minimalism combined!

Whether you like it the zig-zag way, or in a standing mode, this little buddy is the most versatile among all.  Folding legs let you set the stand in the most weirdest positions. You can rotate the legs 360 degrees and this allows for infinite adjustability: office, home, bed, floor or wherever you can imagine using it.

Unlike the other contenders on the list, BackPainHelp’s product comes in full aluminum body allowing you to load it up to 110 pounds (!). This means you could put a powerhouse PC on it accompanied by a larger monitor if the desk surface allowed it.

Speaking of sizes. The whole thing is 22” x 12” x 1 ½” in a folded setting and its surface can hold up to most 17” laptops.

A really neat little ingredient that spices up this fellow is the additional mouse extension it comes with. Although other contestants on our list had this feature, it’s really a nice-to-have.

The only letdown I could come up with here is the positioning being a bit tricky. Since the dial marks are not so helpful on the sides of the locking mechanisms, it’s a bit hard to guess which position I’m currently trying to lock in to.

Let alone this small setback, the Portable Folding Notebook Stand is the king of versatility and sturdiness, but comes with a bit higher price tag.

Best convenient standing desk for laptop

4. UPDEZK -Standing Desk

best standing desk for laptop

Are you ready to try something more convenient? Coming from the upper price range the UPDEZK is more like a true standing desk extension rather than a laptop stand.

UPDEZK takes pride in its large desk surface – perfect for office use and when you need more space for drawing, or taking notes on. Although you won’t place any of your accessories on a laptop stand, the UPDEZK has plenty of space for those as well. A 32” x 21” will be more than enough for most of us with a laptop, I assume.

Further pushes the convenience level the fact that the UPDEZK comes pre-assembled which can be useful if you’ve chosen this as your main office desk.

Two color variations gives you the possibility to match tones with your beloved machine – white goes well with Macs and black with Windows machines.

Pure quality metal framing and a wooden desk makes it able to withstand all conditions. No other participant on our list will give you this level of stability.

You might also think that durability come with the price of clumsiness. Instead, the UDPEZK is a relief to adjust. Pull the two handles on each side and raise / lower the desk with ease. And done.

Similar to the Ying Tripod desk, the UPDEZK’s wide legs provide extra stability which eliminate wobbling entirely.

So if you’re seeking for the best standing desk for laptop which is not just a stand, but more of a desk, then the UPDEZK is the right decision for you.