Ah, the life of a true back pain sufferer. Whatever you need to do in your household, you know long before commence that it’s going to hurt you bad in your lower back.

If we’re talking vacuum cleaning it goes especially savage. And I do hear you with my two decade kyphosis lingering around.

Living an everyday life with bad back is oftentimes intimidating. However, there are alternate options for us, back painers in every situation life puts in front of us.

Doing the vacuum cleaning is no exception from that. Yes, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: there exist lower-back friendly vacuum cleaners on the market.

As you might have guessed, I custom tailored the vacuum cleaner picking just for us, back painists, and selected the best among ‘em to fit our awfully peculiar needs.


If you’re in a hurry: We’ve chosen the Eufy HomeVac Cordless as our top pick coming in a lightweight construction with true power for a reasonable price.

Bissel Featherweight is the top pick for those who are indeed searching for a vacuum cleaner that’s as delicate as a broom.

True power lies within the slender SharkRocket. It’s nominated by us for its potential and airy feel.

And here’s to you Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The ultimate vacuum experience for lower back pain sufferers. Light, cordless, powerful.


In this article:

  • We’ll cover four different vacuum cleaners in 2018 which are designed to cause the less struggle for back pain sufferers
  • Reasons for selecting exactly these vacuum cleaners

Let us embark on a journey to take over the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for your back pain!

Note: We’ve made a shortened table view for you, to skim through our nominees, though I do recommend to read through the whole guide so that you’ll make a smarter decision in the end.

Eufy HomeVac

✔️ Cordless action

✔️ 50 (!) minutes at a shot

✔️ Easy emptying

❌ Brush fails with pet hair


Bissel Featherweight

✔️  Good price / quality

✔️  2.65 lbs, a feather really

✔️  Effective on most surfaces

❌  Lacks power sometimes

Shark Rocket

✔️  Many attachment heads

✔️  Deals with any kind of mess

✔️  Still lightweight

❌  Corded

Deik Cordless

✔️  Cordless action

✔️  Powerful motor

✔️  HEPA filter

❌ Can’t deal with pet fur

Top pick best vacuum cleaner for bad back:

1. Eufy HomeVac Cordless

best vacuum cleaner for back pain

There’s a good reason why we chose the Eufy HomeVac as our Top Pick.

Although there are more buoyant contestants on our list, the 5.8 lbs construction combined with hassle-free cordless action is where the Eufy HomeVac’s secret lies.

Eufy promises 50 minutes of continuous suction with its Li-Ion batteries, which is remarkable in the mid-price range. Just imagine: you’ll manage to tidy up all the rooms with one shot, and afterwards put the HomeVac on its wall stand to charge up.

An electric rolling brush eases the vacuum process and you can even grab larger particles fallen to the ground with it.

It also feels good to have a vacuum cleaner that simplifies even dust holder emptying. For back pain sufferers, bending over the trash can be extremely agonizing. Lucky for us, with the press of a button, the HomeVac’s dust container empties out conveniently.

However, I need to admit that the HomeVac’s rotating brush could use some improvement. I’m not saying that it won’t deal with the usual dust and particles, but won’t stand the harassment of animal and human hair either. Keep this in mind and you’ll have a powerful, lightweight cleaner that won’t strain your back for years to come.

Pro tip: To extend the life of HomeVac’s battery, never drain it completely. If it turns off by itself, put it onto the charger to regain its potential.

Budget choice & best vacuum for pet hairs

2. Bissell Featherweight Stick

best vacuum cleaners for back pain

Hands down. This is the most agile one on our best vacuum cleaner for bad backs list. The Bissell Featherweight Stick, as its name tells us puts no pressure on your lower back with its remarkable 2.65 lbs weight.

Wait. Without getting biased, can any producer other than Bissell grant us an insanely light tonnage for the price of a dust pan & broom combo? No way, I guess.

It does a good job with cat fur and dog hair on tile floor, but don’t expect it to be a powerhouse for the price: on carpet, it’s fairly efficient. Still, we should point out that suction is great on most surfaces, since it sucks up even coffee beans easily.

I love the detachable body too. This makes you able to transform the machine into a handvac with a few clicks. However, if you aim to cover large areas in some minutes, I wouldn’t recommend the Bissell. Why? Because its head is not much wider than my hand. But think about it. This may come in handy if you’re living in a small apartment. Also, as derived from its name, the Bissell Featherweight is indeed a stick so that it’ll fit in any kind of drawer easily (no hoses to bother with, just a stick, you remember?)

As I said, I don’t want to get biased towards any of these vacuum cleaners for bad back. Being said that I’ll point out two small letdowns here.

First, the 15 ft cord doesn’t allow for too much flexibility. You’ll either have to live with this, or get a cord extension, which will make things a bit messier.

The other thing I’d mention is the power capability. Sure it performs well, but if you want to tidy up a three story house, I would go with the Eufy HomeVac which is cordless and features a nastier motor.

Powerful vacuum cleaner for bad back

3.Shark Rocket HV302

best vacuum for bad backs

In a way, the Shark Rocket is similar to the Eufy HomeVac. It focuses on versatility combined with dynamism. Don’t think of it as a simple vacuum cleaner for your back pain, but more like a set of utilities in one pack, featuring 5 attachment heads, including a dusting brush, a wide upholstery tool, a swivel and also micro heads.

Being a little bit heavier than the HomeVac, it’s still something to be easily maneuvered around thanks to the enhanced rotating swivel. The total weight of 7.6 pounds is still quite bearable and it’s a decent companion of any back pain sufferer.

Okay, but here’s the thing. If we talk about power, the Shark Rocket HV302 really nails things compared to others on this list. Literally, you can leave small piles of litter on the ground and the Shark Rocket will manage it without getting drawn back. Even 1” shaggy carpets doesn’t cause trouble. Pet hair can be tricky for some, but not for the Shark Rocket: it vacuums fur without any complications.

Pro tip: As you suck up pet hair, don’t forget to clean the brush afterwards.

As you might have guessed, there’s no perfect vacuum cleaner for bad back. There are some minor letdowns which I need to talk about a bit.

Firstly, you’ll either need to prop the Shark Rocket up so it won’t fall down, or lay it on the ground, because it can easily crack.

Not being cordless may be disappointing for some, especially if you take the mid-high price range into account. Corded action has its benefits, though. It features tremendous power compared to cordless vacuums out there.

The ultimate vacuum experience for back painers

4.Deik Cordless Vacuum

best vacuum cleaner for bad back

Not even touching the sky-high expense levels of all-in-one lightweight vacuums, the Deik gives you everything you need when you need to tidy up with a bad back.

Weighing only 4.7 lbs, this ergonomically designed piece of art maneuvers easily through any surface. With the press of a button, you can transform it to a handvac and there’s a crevice and stiff brush tool for cleaning car, upholstery or stairs.

Not very common in this price range is the HEPA filter. This prevents micro-particles to get back into the air which a standard filter would let through. Of course, this will make even more sense to asthma sufferers.

An extremely powerful electromagnetic motor comes bundled in the Deik Cordless Vacuum that easily outshines many cordless competitors. True, you won’t feel that corded intensity in it, but for the price and the the fact that it’s Li-Ion powered, the performance is outstanding.

I’ve got to admit however: the Deik Cordless Vacuum is not the proper pick for pet owners. It really struggles picking up pet fur/hair (if it sucks up at all), but we cannot complain really. For the price, this cordless masterpiece will be of aid for many back pain sufferers out there.

How did we select the best vacuum cleaner for bad back?

Obviously, vacuum cleaners bleed from several strokes, especially when we’re looking for a truly ergonomic one.

First of all, we went through a long list of vacuum cleaners and were seeking for properties such as:

  • Weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reach
  • Maneuverability

Then we carefully selected, tried and/or reviewed the top four among these hundreds, to match all these properties.

If you ask me, it’s almost no matter which you’ll go with. Although there is difference between them, you won’t see distinction in terms of overall fit for back pain sufferers. Either you choose the Eufy HomeVac, or the Shark Rocket, you’ll be surprised how much easier to handle these compared to standard vacuums.