Had enough of sitting in a tiring position all day in an office chair?

Want to sit more comfortably with some free movement?

Looking for something that provides more than a simple exercise ball?

I’ve seen and used a whole bunch of back-pain products, but can’t deny one thing:

The Body Archer is one of the most innovative and efficient back pain relief products out there.

Join me on my ride with this magnificent piece of furniture, and let’s explore its ups and downs together.

Overview of The Body Archer

You’ll definitely likeYou probably won’t like these
• An innovative way of stretching• Price tag
• Way more effective than an exercise ball• Cushion cover is not made of leather, just vinyl
• Blends into your room as an elegant furniture
• Supports a healthy sitting posture
• Rocking motion allows full control in your stretching exercise
• Exceptional material quality
• Comes fully assembled

The future of back stretching?

All of us back pain sufferers know that our spines went out of alignment.

Nerves are attached to the spinal cord and the spinal column is what protects the cord itself. However, due to the misalignment, the spinal cord can pinch between the vertebrae.

As a result, nerves are placed under pressure, which causes long hours of constant pain in our lower back.

This is where the importance of stretching comes into play.

The Body Archer is actually a furniture that provides you the possibility of moving around with a rocking motion, even at your office.

Moreover, if your boss is permissive enough, you can easily do some stretching routines throughout the day, not just at home.

People ask me a lot about stretching on exercise balls, and to be honest, they’re not bad and I used to recommend them.

With The Body Archer though, there’s a new open window of opportunity for your back pain management.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I use it as my desk chair, and to stretch throughout the day. May even get another one! An Amazon.com customer

Appearance and quality

The Body Archer’s unique look resides in its curved design. It often reminds me of a furniture from the 60’s. And that’s what really bought me: this is not just an exercise pad. It’s an elegant looking furniture that fits into any room.

If the elegant appearance is not enough, you can choose from two color variations: black and ivory. Personally I prefer the ivory over the black one, because it looks more welcoming than its black brother.

On top, there’s an upholstered cushion providing you maximum comfort while bending over it, or just sitting. Although the cushion looks as if it was made of leather, it’s actually an anti-bacterial vinyl cover.

Speaking in terms of size, the Body Archer is no bigger than a smaller smoking table.  It’s 28” wide, 23” deep and 20” high, compact enough to fit under any table or desk. Expect it to be the size of a regular chair.

Weighing around 19.6 pounds, it’s no trouble moving it around. Even for women, it’s no big deal to carry from one room to another.

The core, wooden unit boasts of high quality. It’s handcrafted in the U.S. and strong enough to support you even if you’re a bit overweight. We put it to test with someone around 300 lbs. And it stood the test of weight, oh very well.

What makes it really durable is the special wood underneath the cushion, called bender board.

The Body Archer’s features

First of all, I want to elaborate a bit on the advantages of the rocking movement.

Since you’re able to rock forward and backward constantly – even without noticing it while concentrating – your spine is also in motion.

This not only relieves lower back tension, but by engaging your core muscles it increases your energy, reduces fatigue and improves mental awareness.

Last but not least, improved mental awareness increases productivity in the end. This allows you to concentrate more on your tasks, yet it makes you more relaxed at the end of the day.

Who wouldn’t enjoy being with the kids at home after work as fresh, as if you just got out of bed?

Not a bad result from one single product, eh?

Some notes about the size: I’m that typical tall guy hitting the top with around 6.5 feet. Being that tall, at first I feared that the Body Archer might sit too low for me.

Let me tell you that this fear of mine was blown away when I first sat down on it.

With its wide cushion pad, the Body Archer enables you to move your bottom around, thus you can reach optimal height.

What about shorter people?

I’ve tested it with one of my colleagues, a dumpy but really nice person. He’s around 5 feet high.

As soon as he sat down, I saw that calming satisfaction appearing on his face. Not to say, the Body Archer fit his height too.

Pure satisfaction in your stretching workout

Let’s stay on track and dive into The Body Archer’s main function: stretching & strengthening your lower back.

It’s simple as it gets: use gravity and your own body weight for stretching. If you’re new to the Body Archer, I’d suggest you to start with slow motions. Keep your body in one stretching position for at least 1 or 2 minutes.

As your spine and muscles endure more and more of your body weight, you can increase pace.  

With these exercises you’ll be able to realign your back & neck as well. Persistent work will result in improving joint health, flexibility, posture and mobility which all add to a healthier wellbeing.

What this pain relief machine does really well is staying put on any surface. Unlike its cheaper brother, the regular exercise ball, it won’t slip out under your back whilst doing exercise.

What types of pain does it relieve? First of all, almost any type of back pain like sciatica or nagging pain. In our experience, there also was a slight relief in shoulder pain which might be appealing for some.

Who’s it made for? Obviously, the Body Archer was designed for mainly people, who spend their life sitting in a car or in an office environment.

Don’t misunderstand me. It doesn’t fit in your car.

But as soon as you arrive home, and get out of your car after a day of traveling, I know that nothing can be more pleasing than a great stretching and strengthening routine.

I’ve even heard that after the long years of visiting doctors and chiropractors, some had instant relief and never had the need of any expert advice.

Not everything’s rosy about it, yet still…

Here’s the catch – Innovative and neat looking as it is, the Body Archer still has some letdowns.

Many believe that a simple, exercise ball (which costs $250 less) will do the trick. And to be honest, for some, an exercise ball should work too.

But it’s not the same experience, believe me.

I’m not going into the benefits again, but like I said, there’s more to this than simply exercising with it.

Consider the Body Archer as a 2 in 1 solution: an ergonomic chair, and an exercise pad. This way, the price tag gets reinterpreted in my view instantly.

Just do a quick math.

You need something to sit on comfortably in your office. You purchase a high-end office chair. A whopping $250 slips out of your pocket.

You also need something to exercise on, and – though it won’t provide the same stability and experience – you get an exercise ball. Another 50 bucks.

As you can see, there isn’t much difference in price, but speaking in terms of efficiency and convenience, the Body Archer goes far beyond.

Its second letdown is what I’ve already mentioned a bit earlier. From just viewing the pictures, it’s hard to guess, whether the cushion is made of leather or just vinyl.

Customers sometimes mistake it for leather and get frustrated. But again, it’s made of vinyl.

I won’t say the whole appearance and feel wouldn’t be great with a leather cushion cover, but it’s okay. It’s easy to clean, and antibacterial.

Final verdict

Bearing in mind the convenience and ease of use, the Body Archer did live up to our expectations.

This is not only an outstanding stretching pad for your back, but it does function well as a rocking chair. This way, you’ve a chance while sitting to relieve pain in your lower back because of constant rocking motion.

I’d even say that it outperforms most exercise balls in every aspect.

The Body Archer is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a convenient way to exercise throughout the day in the office
  • You’ve tried office chairs and cushions to relieve back pain with no luck
  • You don’t feel exercise balls are made for you, but still want to strengthen your back

Although the Body Archer is still a young product, I can see it becoming a classic back exercise solution for many.

If you enjoyed my review, and want to be the part of the change, then…

The Body Archer


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Innovative stretching
  • More effective than exercise balls
  • Looks like an elegant furniture
  • Good for healthy sitting posture as well


  • Vynil cushion cover
  • A bit overpriced