brookstone massager reviewYou’ve surely heard of Brookstone massagers – there happen to be a lot of hype around them. And all that for a good reason.

The Brookstone Max 2 deserves even more love according to us and reviews sprinkled onto Amazon.

Combining its predecessor the Max’s versatility and ergonomic design, the Max 2 is a further improved, double headed little monster.

Let’s immerse, and explore why the Brookstone Max 2 has become one of the most sought after semi-pro handheld percussion massagers on the market. Let the brookstone massager review commence!

You’ll definitely like these

  • Massive, sturdy construction
  • Additional handhold on top
  • Powerful motor with 2500 rpm maximum
  • Double-node head to achieve deap kneading massage
  • Corded use up to 50 minutes

But you won’t like these

  • Price tag
  • Awful button placement

The Body: Sturdiness and Ergonomics at their Best

brookstone massager reviewFollowing in the Brookstone Max’s footsteps, it’s needless to say a thing about the Max 2’s ergonomics. However I still want to elaborate a bit here.

First things first, Max 2’s ergonomics level is boosted by the second handhold on top. This one-of-a-kind approach enables therapists (or your hubby) to inflict a massive amount of force upon your sore muscles.

Secondly, the 13” length speaks for itself. If you’re treating your back alone, it’s still comfortable enough to reach tough parts with.

Although I prefer the silver colored more, there’s also red color variation which might appeal to some.

Weighing only 3.8 pounds, the Max 2 will be ideal even for sole users however, other competitors like the Pado Pure Wave CM5 may be more appealing to some with its 1.62 lbs.

Max 2 screams quality and durability thanks to the aluminum coating that it’s geared with. It not only protects the inner core there, but surely catches an eye.

One thing to note here regarding the design. Although Brookstone have made a good job, the placement of the controls could be improved – you can easily end up switching among modes accidentally.brookstone massager review

This device is saving me $180 every 3 weeks for a massage therapist. I have sciatic nerve and lower back problems. With its WEIGHT (heavy) and the vibration it is every bit as good as what a deep tissue massage therapist can do.

An customer

Max 2’s True Power: The Motor

Okay, we’ve met other great ergonomic handheld massagers already. The Max 2’s true magic lies in its double-noded massage head.

The two nodes do an exceptional alternating, up & down motion and a rocking, left-to-right flow to release stress and tension from your sore muscles.

Unlike other contenders, the Max 2’s motor can be set on 3 different deep tissue massage programs.

The five speed motor allows up to 2500 rpm percussive massage action which we consider a medium strength compared to other massagers like the Pure Wave CM7 or the CM5.brookstone massager review

I’m not saying here that the Max 2 is not powerful enough. It truly is. But taking price tag into consideration, you might prefer other cheaper models which can also inflict the same intensity.

Max 2’s undeniable benefit is the cordless mode. A super sturdy li-ion battery allows you to use the device for more than 50 minutes continuously, and above that, it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge, but you can get back massaging with 20 minutes of charging.

Speaking of cords, a great advantage of the Brookstone Max 2 is that it can be used cordless or corded whilst charging. You’ll never need to get stressed, because when your battery drains, the 9-foot cord still provides plenty of freedom.

What pains does it address?

Since this is a website about back pain, I’ll expand on back aches more than other ailments.

Max 2 excels at pampering sore muscles caused by excessive workout or physical work, but there are a number of back disorders that you can use it for effectively:

  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • General lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain and upper back pain
  • Piriformis
  • Knee disorders

The back and forth, and the left to right motion will surely be favorable by many. It isn’t just effective, but incredibly soothing. So, why don’t you just give a relaxing touch to yourself at the end of a tiring day?

Some drawbacks of the Brookstone Max 2 Massager

As I mentioned, the Max 2 is a bit heavy, so reaching your own lower back might cause your arms tire quickly. Nevertheless, there’s always the option to ask your partner to do the tough job on your lower back.

One small letdown to be noted here is the awful placing of the control buttons. You can easily live with this, but don’t be surprised when you switch modes accidentally.

Last but not least is about prices. Considering that the Brookstone Max 2 is a semi-pro solution which lies between casual and medical-grade handheld massagers, the price tag seems reasonable.

However if you take into account that there more wallet-friendly options providing the same functionality you’ll wonder.

Final Verdict

There’s no regret. The Brookstone Max 2 Massager is definitely a sturdy, long lasting and powerful device both for casual and professional users alike.

Just think it over: if you manage to live with its slight defects like weight and the design flaw regarding button placement, I urge you to stick with the Max 2.

Yet if you’re running low on budget, I might advise you check out my review on the Pado Pure Wave CM 7 and Pure Wave CM 5. They’re awesome machines as well, and they’re cordless as well.

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Brookstone Max 2


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Great design
  • Powerful 2500 rpm motor
  • Dual-node massage head
  • No attachments but 3 programs


  • Price tag
  • Bad placement of buttons