g5 massager review Who hasn’t heard of General Physiotherapy, Inc. during their years of practice as a chiropractor?

General Physiotherapy rewarded us with the most durable and powerful handheld massagers designed mainly to be used by professionals.

The G5 GBM is the übermensch of all handheld percussion massagers that you can just imagine.

Given a heftier price tag on it, we purposely expect the GBM to be the real king of professional handheld massagers. You’ll be surprised how much of a punch it actually packs, compared to other professional grade massagers.

Let’s have a closer look at this model and uncover its ups and downs in this unbiased G5 massager review.

You’ll definitely like these

  • Robust, long lasting construction
  • 1/40 horsepower impressive motor
  • Helps relieve a good number of back aches/ailments
  • 5 multi purpose attachment heads

But you won’t like these

  • Not too easy to use at home, without help
  • Hefty pricetag

The G5 GBM massager body

At first sight, the G5 massager looks certainly a commonplace device with its black coating. But why on earth should a medical grade device impress? There’s more to the construction, however.

Let’s get straight to the point: there’s something about G5 products that must not go undeclared. They’re not the most user-friendly devices on this earth.

Constructed to last for tens of years, the GBM comes in a massive outfit: a straight, wand-like contour – that allows only for upright treatment. No curved lines to reach your own back easily at all.

g5 massager reviewAs a massage therapist, this trait will surely be to your advantage. The reason for that is the G5 GBM massager is designed to be used one-handedly or two handedly. I’m sure you already realized how intensive effect you can inflict with two hands on a suffering patients back or shoulders.

However, there’s a downside of bulky structure if you’re the DIY home pain reliever. Unlike other, curved handheld massagers as the Pure Wave CM5, the G5 GBM is somewhat awkward to be used on your own back, when you treat yourself more than 10-15 minutes.

To be honest, the GBM’s 4 lbs can also be tiring for home users when used for more than just some minutes. By all means, this doesn’t apply for professional usage, since you may use both hands to hover the GBM on your client’s body.

To finish up the outer section with some benefits: the G5 GBM is quite a compact one among handheld massagers with its size of 10” H x 4” W x 4” D. Speaking of which, its smaller than most percussion massagers on the market. This makes it exceptionally good for carrying with you.

Powerful and a good variety of heads. A bit heavy and hard to use on oneself due to the length.

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G5 massager ‘s backbone: The motor

Rarely do we see electromagnetic motor power expressed in units of horsepower when speaking about handheld massagers.

Well, the scale is utterly different in the case of the G5 GBM massager. The G5 GBM comes with General Physiotherapy’s most powerful electromagnetic percussion motor with 1/40 horsepower. Most massagers bear only a spark of such enormous dynamism.

And here comes the true magic. The variable speed control allows to set this device from 15 to an impressive 55 cycles per second.

G5 has been proud of their directional-stroking technology. And there’s a good reason for that. Do your clients scream too when you fiercely push the massager’s head against their tissues?

Unlike regular handheld massagers, the GBM involves vibration and percussion at the same time to achieve a forceful, still comfortable whirling vibration.

Sourced with a 10’ hospital grade power cord, the G5 can be attached to 110V or 220V outlets which can come in handy.

Attachment arsenal at your disposal

The GBM’s additional magic lies in its diverse attachment head selection. Geared up with 5 completely different applicators, the GBM can be used to effectively fight a large number of amelities. More on that later, though.

Let’s see, what you’ll get in the Professional Portable Applicator package:

  • The most commonly used four-ball head
  • A two-ball attachment
  • Pointed tip
  • Large round firm rubber
  • Curved sponge
  • Medium & Large disposable covers, 25 of each

Although the GBM lags a bit behind in terms of usability for DIY home users, it’s undeniably easy to switch between massage heads. As a chiropractor or massage therapeutist, this will surely be a concern for you, right?

Speaking of attachment heads: there’s a carry bag that comes with the GBM, which you can use to store or transport all your appliances to your office with ease.

What aches is the G5 massager effective for?

Most of you will definitely have a sound knowledge on what to use a handheld pro massager for. However, I’m going to elaborate on this a little to make sure DIY users  get a hang of this.

Handheld massagers work on the principle of increasing blood circulation on the applied spot. This promotes and therefore accelerates the entire healing process by bringing nutrients and oxygen to the questioned area.

The GBM will be most effective for those who work out a lot or do strenuous physical work, though it may also heal mild or severe lower back pain issues as well. Here goes a short list of these maladies:

  • Lower back pain (mild or severe)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Edema
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Pressure sores
  • Relaxation purposes

Final Verdict

I won’t hesitate to say that the G5 GBM Handheld massager is the king of home and professional massagers. Sure, for some people it might feel too robust, especially for home users, but for most, the unquestionable power will surely be convincing.

I admit, there are cheaper handheld massagers. And I won’t say that the G5 BGM is not expensive. It sits on the top shelf, leaving most massagers behind with a hefty price tag.

But do you remember when we went through the Pure Wave CM5 for example? The CM5 costs ⅙ the price of the BGM, still being a quite effective, though non-professional grade device.

Of course, you can stick with the Pure Wave for instance if you’re starting out as a chiropractor, or being a DIY user. However, don’t expect that much of performance. The 1/40 horsepower of the GBM speaks for itself.

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G5 BGM Massager


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Massive, long lasting construction
  • Insane, one-of-a-kind 1/40 hp motor
  • Can be used for back pain or other ailments
  • 5 attachment heads


  • May be overpriced for some
  • Bulky shape can be hard to use for your own