Let’s admit it: living with back pain often makes us back pain sufferers cramped. And nothing can makes us feel better when someone in our family oversees us and pays true attention to our needs.

If you aim to give something unique to such a family member and seek for the perfect gifts for person with bad back, then we’ve got good news.

Christmas knocking on the door soon, we organized a cool list that encloses the best back pain relief products which can be given as a present.

In a hurry? If you’re looking for the best value for the price, I recommend:

However, I do encourage you to read through the mini-reviews of all products in this top list.

There’s a huge difference between them in aspects of price tag and pain relief efficiency and usability.

Here’s a quick comparison table to set things off:

1.Best Value for Price in gifts for person with bad back:

Pado Pure Wave CM-7

gifts for person with bad backs

Pado set handheld massager standards to a higher level.

Being a one-of-a-kind in its category, the Pure Wave CM7 will definitely be of great use to someone with even chronic back pain.

The CM-7 features a sleek outer shell, but obviously, this isn’t what really counts when it comes to relieving pain.

What’s more important though is that it features a cordless design which makes pain relief sessions a bliss. Enabling back pain sufferers to soothe their aching parts as long as 180 minutes without touching the charger unit, it indicates usability at its maximum.

Rarely do we see a massager that isn’t just a standalone tool – rather it’s a combination of utilities. Featuring 6 different attachment heads that interchange with a simple motion, the CM7 promotes extreme flexibility.

A powerful electromagnetic motor addresses pain in your back within seconds.

Staying true to the Canadian brand, Pure Wave innovates the back massager market with having 2 different motors bundled into one machine. On one end, the percussion massager provides deep tissue massage for severe aches. The other end addresses pain with a softer resonating motion and provides a more comforting experience, rather than a bare handed massage.

I’ll be honest: the Pure Wave CM-7 handheld cordless massager isn’t the cheapest handheld massager on the market. However, with a price around $130, but packed with a lot of neat features, a powerful motor and long lasting batteries it will surely please one’s back even suffering from serious back pain issues.

2. Gifts for mom with bad back

Eufy HomeVac vacuum cleaner for bad backs

best vacuum cleaner for back pain

The Eufy HomeVac has been chosen as the king of the hill in our best vacuum cleaner for bad back buying guide, and for a good reason.

Featuring cordless action for 50 minutes continuously makes it stand out from the crowd of ergonomic vacuums.

Long gone are the times when one needs to carry a burdensome engine behind herself to tidy up. Weighing only 5.5 lbs makes it smooth even for us, back pain sufferers to maneuver around with it.

The HomeVac has a rotating brush as well that further improve the process of cleaning up. While it struggles with pet hair and human hair, in exchange it will easily deal with larger particles fallen on the ground.

As a finishing touch, the Eufy HomeVac comes with a user-friendly dust can that can be emptied on the press of a button.

From a battery powered efficient motor, to extra light weight and a rotating brush… you have everything you need here for a convenient, back pain free tidy up. All of that for quite a competitive price around $90.

3. Gfits for dad with bad back

Obus Forme Lowback Backrest for Lower Back Pain

gifts for dad with bad back

Although the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest might not just be good for dads out there, I’m sure it’ll fit the office-dwelling lifestyle for most pops.

The Obus Forme Lowback Backrest is basically an add-on to any chair you can imagine that makes you sit in an upright position while maintaining the correct ‘S’ shape in your spine.

It’s proved to decrease pressure on your back by 35% that makes this backrest appealing to many indeed.

What we truly loved about the Obus Forme’s backrest was its versatility. You can literally apply it to any seat or chair out there.This means it attaches to car seats, dining chairs or office chairs. And yes, you get it right. Bring it with you in the car, and apply it to your office chair at work. Further improves portability its portability the featherweight design it has.

Here’s the best thing though about this luxurious looking backrest: the detachable lumbar pad. A firm cushion that provides you just enough lumbar support to maintain the right posture throughout a lengthy day in the office.

We recommend giving the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest to someone with both severe or mild back issues. Being a medical-grade product at around $45 featuring sturdy materials, the proper ‘S’ shape for the spine, the Obus Forme can be a good companion for the whole day.

4. Exercise Gifts for Person with Bad Back in 2017

True Back Stretching Device

gifts for person with bad backs

Depending on the cause and symptoms of back pain, the True Back may be an efficient way to relief one’s back ache.

I don’t recommend giving this smart fellow to the elderly though – it requires some vitality and may hurt one with a weaker spine.

Being a well thought-out yet simple device, the True Back uses gravity to to realign vertebrae in the spine’s full length.

It consists of a rail that cradles your spine and a base unit which is responsible for holding your whole body in the right posture. The only thing you need to do is to lie down on it with your back, and stay on the ground. And that’s it.

The greatest benefit of using the True Back is that you can practically replace long hours of back stretching exercises with it. Giving 5-10 minutes a day to it will make your spine better aligned, and you’ll see instant results right after the first exercise.

It’s effective addressing a couple of spinal dysfunctions:

  • Injuries
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylitis
  • Bulging discs
  • Osteoporosis

And above all, thanks to its compact size, the True Back fits into a smaller bag so you’ll be able to use it for short pain relief sessions in the office or when you’re on holiday.

Not being the cheapest, though reasonably priced, the True Back stretcher can be a good conditioner for those suffering from serious back pain problems.

However, keep in mind to consult with you doctor or chiropractor before using it!

5. Gifts for Person with Bad Back in a Physical Job

Thermoskin Lumbar Support

gifts for person with bad back

If you’ve someone in your family doing a lot of physical work, then the Thermoskin Lumbar Support would be your best bet as a gift.

Many lumbar support back braces come in a bulky construction. The Thermoskin is a good exception though: featuring a sleek design allows it to fit under any shirt without being visible at all.

The Thermoskin’s biggest advantage compared to other lumbar braces is the exceptional 3-dimensional “trioxon” layer system. As its name says, the Thermoskin is really just a warm, healing skin layer just above yours.

As soon as you strap it on, you’ll notice how blood starts to circulate right at your lumbar area. Thanks to increased circulation, your strains and disabilities in the lower back will heal faster.

The Thermoskin’s effect has been proven on several clinical tests and will produce a superb effect on the following injuries or dysfunctionalities on your lower back:

  • Sport injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation / Strain of back muscles
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Anklylosing spondylitis
  • Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint
  • Recovery from ruptured disc
  • After surgery for a herinated disc
  • Injuries made to the lumbar discs

So if you’re looking for an all-around device that can be used through the entire day, and requires no effort at all, then I heartily recommend the Thermoskin Lumbar Support.