hidow acuxpd-s reviewIf you’re familiar with TENS units, you’ve probably encountered a serious issue.

There are the ones on the lower price end promising to be the same as top-notch machines from larger and credible companies.

HiDow AcuXPD-S is one from the latter. But why would you pick a pricier TENS unit when there are hundreds of options being half the price?

From Amazon reviews to community forum praises, the HiDow AcuXPD-S has earned its reputation as a top choice back, neck and leg pain relief product.

What can we expect from this state-of-the-art TENS unit? Let’s examine our suspect closely in a comprehensive HiDow AcuXPD-S review.

You’ll definitely like these

  • TENS unit with EMS feature
  • 12 pulse modes
  • Rotation between modes
  • Recharageable battery
  • Easy to use interface
  • Lightweight and fits in your pocket

But you won’t like these

  • Price tag

The Best TENS Unit: From Missouri with Love

HiDow have been around the since 2002 and have put much effort into research to stand out on the saturated TENS market.

All their products are regulated in the Missouri headquarters, however the production itself is outsourced into China.

I won’t say I rejoice when hearing an organization does the manufacturing in the far east but I must admit that quality has improved a lot in the last few years. And this applies to HiDow as well.

And by that I mean it. HiDow produces outstanding quality and features a great advantage compared to other TENS unit makers.

The AcuXPD-S can emit 18 different pulses thus our brain doesn’t get used to the repeating vibes, which would be the case with other TENS machines.

Bought it for my Wife’s birthday. She loves it, wears it even while out walking to relive her back pain.

An Amazon.com customer

What’s a TENS unit anyway?

hidow acuxpd-s reviewTENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and has been used since the 1960s by physical therapists and doctors.

They work on the simple principle of passing electrical currents through electrodes to your nerves which send bio-electrical signals to your brain thus blocking pain receptors. This might sound frightening, but no, there’s nothing to be afraid of, and have been tested out multiple times.

Advanced TENS units (like the AcuXPD-S) feature EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) that adds a bit for relaxation to muscles while usage


What’s in the AcuXPD-S box?

At first, the AcuXPD-S would look definitely mediocre. Believe me, it’s just the outer cover that might deceive you. There’s so much more beneath the shell of it, but more on that later.

If you’re looking to customize the looks a bit, there’re three color options: black, blue and pink.

Let’s see what’s inside the package:

  • AcuXPD-S TENS and EMS unit
  • 1 set of large single sided adhesive electrode pads 2 ½ inches (hand shape)
  • 1 set of XL single sided adhesive electrode pads 3 ¾ (rectangular shape)
  • 2 Electrode Wires
  • 1 set of Ear Clips
  • USB Cable
  • AC/DC Adapter (travel charger)
  • User Manual
  • Pad Holder

Of course, you won’t need to take everything from the list above with you. After all, the AcuXPD-S is a portable device that fits well into your pocket.

HiDow AcuXPD-S Modes and Functionality

However, the magic lies in HiDow AcuXPD-S modes and functionality. It features 12 unique therapeutic modes to please your worn down or aching parts.

Even more, this unit feature 6 to 18 different pulses which are rotated randomly, making the therapy itself more effective, as your brain doesn’t get used to one kind of pulse. This is a great advantage over most of its competitors.

What we appreciated was a small add-on that can seem no big deal: the auto shut-off function. You’ll be mostly using this when falling asleep while having a relaxing massage therapy on your parts.

A big strength of the AcuXPD-S is the rechargeable battery. I’m serious. There’s still an armada of 9V battery powered machines out there making the whole usage a sustainability disaster.

AcuXPD How to Use ?

hidow-acuxpd-s-reviewYou’ll be using the AcuXPD-S if you’re either a chronic back pain sufferer or if you regularly go down to the gym to release tension from your muscles.

What illnesses does it relieve then? Chronic and acute pains as well. Mostly lower back pain, sciatic nerves, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and of course any kind of strain you get from physical work.

To use it, connect a set of electrode pads with the wires to the top inlets, simply push Power on the bottom to turn the device on. Choose the mode of your liking by pressing the ‘M’ button.

You can set intensity and mode individually for each (A/B) electrode pads passing different types of pulses to your distinctive body parts. (e.g. neck and lower back)

It’ll take some minutes for most users to take effect. Yes, you read that right. You’ll feel almost immediate relief in your aching parts.

Final Verdict

Honestly, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t recommend using the AcuXPD-S. If I need to point something out, that would be AcuXPD-S price without doubt.

As I said, it features top notch technology, but this makes it come with a higher price tag. Although most users tell that each and every penny was worth it, you’ll probably want to see some cheaper alternatives like the Unimed Pro.

A 2 year limited warranty also makes the AcuXPD-S inviting backed by ‘outstanding customer support’.

As long as you have the budget for it, this is definitely a good purchase and this little fellow deserves the somewhat limited attention it gets.

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HiDow AcuXPD-S


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • TENS and EMS therapy
  • 12 modes to pamper your aching parts
  • Rotating modes
  • Lightweight and fits into a pocket


  • Price is a bit high