58% of the Perfect Chair customers take less pain medication for back pain relief  or no at all, after using the Perfect Chair on a daily basis. Now that’s what I call a result.

Even though, Human Touch Perfect Chair series is somewhat left aside when it comes to the best indoor zero gravity chair.

I can understand why if it’s about the PC-420 version. The manual recliner set-up can be a tough one, especially for the elderly.

In today’s Human Touch Perfect Chair review, we’ll take a look at both the PC-610 and the PC-420 versions. There’s quite a few things to know about them.

You’ll definitely like these

  • Good for a number of ailments, including sciatica, fibromyalgia
  • Automatic, electric motor recline
  • Appealing design, high quality materials
  • A number of customisation options
  • Can be used for work or for relaxation

But you won’t like these

  • Definitely not cheap
  • Armrests seemed too short and badly positioned
  • The PC-420 manual version is a bit hard to operate
  • A bit awkward to sit down on

A piece of art – Made for back pain relief

Design – Since we’re talking about a furniture, there’s no point leaving out the general appeal. Here’s how it looks:

Beauty of the zero-gravity position. Great both for work and relaxation.

Top notch in quality. Wood, leather and steel.

As you can see, this is really a functional piece of art ready to fit almost any kind of interior design. Some of you might noticed that I’m in love with curved lines. No regret, I can take pleasure in just staring at its contemporary design.

Durability – Human Touch advertises hand-carved and hand-sanded rubber tree base. Even if just a part of this is true, we must admit, designers have made a great job.

As you may know, rubber tree is one of the most durable ones on earth. This is why the Perfect Chair can withstand a massive 400 lbs of weight.

Upholstery – You can choose from 11 colors of real leather and faux leather which Human Touch advertises as the so called SofHyde. To be honest, I’ve never liked any kind of leather imitation, even when it’s a foolproof replica of the original. Of course, this is a personal thing. However, keep in mind that the faux-leathered ones are approx. $500 cheaper.

Features to soothe your back pain

Dual-motor support – Gradually adjust your recline level to your liking. You can go on full capacity (which is the zero gravity position), or just relax bent backwards a bit.

Full support head pillow – Okay, I admit that this is a must for a $3.500 product. You’ll notice that it’s really comfy, however. Its bent shape cradles your head and keeps it in place, even when you fall asleep.

Adjustable lumbar support – You can set up the lumbar area with a release valve to your liking which enhances the back pain relief effect.

Extended armrests – Human Touch advertises this as a feature, but it’s only about the length of the armrest. Yes, it’s longer than traditional ones and supports your arms even in the zero gravity position.

Albeit its addition, some still found it too short when in a fully reclined position.

Laptop stand (extra) – A big plus. You can actually attach a laptop stand to the chair and work while reclined and releasing tension from your spine.

Choose from a vast number of upholstery & frame colors.

How to use the Perfect Chair?

It’s really no rocket science. Just keep in mind a few things:

First, sit down slowly without bumping into seat.

Second, adjust the recline angle with the control stick at the left armrest. If finished, you can individually set the height of your legs with the other stick. If you raise the legs above your heart level, that’s called zero gravity position

Third, relax 10 minutes reclined daily and you’ll feel instant improvement both in your circulation and with your back issues. A lot of Perfect Chair users have their night sleep in this chair as well. However, I advise you to try it out for shorter periods at first.

Perfect Chair Variants – Essentials to know

There has been quite a misunderstanding with versions of the Perfect Chair. Even the manufacturer fails to present a concise list of available types.

Old models (not on the market anymore) – PC-300, PC-075, PC-095, PC-500, PC-510. As far as we know, manufacturing of these models are discontinued and cannot be purchased.

New models (currently available)

PC-610: This is the most sought after among all the Perfect Chairs. It operates with a dual motor for your legs and for reclining back. It’s also the largest among the variants currently.

PC-600: The only differentiator here is the size. It’s a tad smaller compared to the 610.

PC-420: This is the manual version of the 600 series. You’ll have a lever which you’ll need to pull to recline back. To be honest, it was a bit hard to operate it with one hand. All-in-all, still a great bet.

Tranquility: Top of the line product. It has all the features the 610 is packed with, but with an additional exquisite look, jade stone infrared heat and heated gentle-wave therapy.

Drawbacks of the Perfect Chair

The first real letdown you’ll encounter is inconvenient sitting down. The leg raiser makes you take an awkward position before seating, because it’s too far away from the seat itself.

The second one that I already mentioned is the armrests. Since it has a fix position, some will find it comfortable only in the upright or semi-upright states. As you incline back further, the armrests become more and more uncomfortable because of the fix angle they have. Also, a couple of customers noted that the armrests remain upper in level compared to your body.

Final Verdict

Despite its drawbacks, the Perfect Chair I consider indeed perfect. Beyond these minor flaws, there lies a delicate looking furniture who’ll accompany you daily when you’re in trouble due to back issues.

Altogether, I won’t say it’s cheap, however, in its own category, it’s not an overpriced product. Add a 5-year warranty to the price and things will definitely look shinier.

How does a zero gravity chair work?

Compared to ordinary recliner chairs, zero gravity chairs offer a bit different approach to relaxing your body.

They imitate the position astronauts are in before blast off. The biggest difference Knees must be bent and above the your chest level.

Most notably as soon as you recline, all the weight comes off your internal organs and your spine. Your decompressing spine pulls your vertebrae apart allowing more fluid to flow between them. In this state, rehydration rejuvenates your vertebrae.

Secondly, blood circulation improves when in this position which is also connected to healing your discs. Zero gravity also relieves muscle soreness and tension.

And thirdly, you’ll notice that it’s easier to breathe, since your lungs can unfold easier. This will have a cool, relaxing effect. So relaxing that you may smoothly fall into slumber.

What ailments can I heal with my Perfect Chair?

Zero gravity chair for back pain – If you strained your lower back at work, or have chronic back pain, zero gravity chairs really do work. Generally you should visit your doctor before investing into equipment. Let alone that, I can say that these chairs work for most people with back issues.

Zero gravity chair for sciatica – Although sciatica is a serious disorder, which needs to be taken care of with the help of a doctor, the Perfect Chair can help you soothe the pain. Before you decide to invest in it, please see your doctor first.

Zero gravity chair for fibromyalgia – It’s the same as for someone suffering from sciatica. Perfect Chair may soften your pain, but I recommend you consult with your doctor before buying one.

Human Touch Perfect Chair


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Good for a number of ailments
  • Customisation options
  • Automatic, electric motor recline
  • Appealing design, high quality materials
  • Can be used for work or for relaxation


  • Hefty price
  • Armrests are short for a small number of people
  • PC-420 manual version is a tad hard to operate
  • A bit awkward to sit down when legs raisers are open