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Sit stand chairs have become super popular with the rise of standing desks. We’ve seen quite a number of these, but is there any place for innovation here?

Of course there is.

Enter LeanRite Elite by ErgoImpact.

The company has kept usability, healthy posture and design in front of their eyes while developing their adjustable ergonomic stool.

Here it is in its true form (I know it does look like R2D2 in stool mode):

leanrite chair review

Yes. It’s a robust piece of furniture designed to save your back by allowing you to switch between at least 6 body postures.

So whether you’re an office worker or planning to build your home office, I urge you to take a closer look at this fantastic chair.

And what do you think? Does it live up to the hype around it? Could it be the best standing desk chair?

Come with me on my journey and let’s dive into an in-depth LeanRite chair review.

Overview of the LeanRite sit stand chair

You’ll definitely like these

  • Don’t just stand, switch between 6 postures
  • Super durable construction
  • Enchanting design
  • Built in anti-fatigue mat
  • Built in wheels for portability

But you won’t like these

  • Not cheap
  • Anti-fatigue mat can be slippery in socks

A bit of history

The name ErgoImpact  may sound new to you, if you’ve explored a bit in the field of sit stand chairs or ergonomic stools.

The company itself has started out not so long ago with the plan to revolutionize the sit stand chairs scene.

Why, you might ask?

Although sit stand chairs available on the marketplace today are healthy for your posture indeed, there seemed to be a gap there.

How do you change your posture apart from standing up or sitting down?

Experts recommend to stay active rather than sticking with one or two postures all day long.

Since current solutions fail to adhere to this need, ErgoImpact and the LeanRite stand up chair was born.

By the way, here’s one unusual but relaxing posture I love using with my LeanRite (and what other sit stand chairs won’t please you with):

one leg raise standing

An extremely convenient and balanced posture. I could work like this all day.

LeanRite: Art and Structure beyond ergonomics

Undoubtedly, the LeanRite deserved the International Design Excellence Award ’17. Just take a look at its robust, yet sophisticated contours:

the best sit stand chair: leanrite elite

The LeanRite has won a design award for a good reason.

But don’t think the folks at ErgoImpact have used solely their art skills to design this masterpiece.

With the aid of physical therapists and the brightest minds in orthopedic medicine and ergonomics, they created the single most customizable sit stand chair on the market.

As you unbox the LeanRite, you’ll instantly notice something.

It’s as sturdy as a rock, and can bear up to 270 lbs.

The LeanRite is not only innovative. It’s also super sturdy and therefore safe to use.

Thanks to the high grade aluminum structure, you won’t hear a single creak when taking a seat.

This comes with the price of bulkiness though: the chair itself weighs 37 lbs. But who feels safe being seated on a slender, unbalanced chair?

Out of the box, this ergonomic stool comes semi-assembled meaning that you’ll need to put only 6 screws in place with the accompanying screwdriver and allen wrench.

It took me around 10 minutes at most to get it fully assembled.

One more note concerning durability.

You’ve probably noticed that even the best sit stand chairs (and leaning stools) suffer from the usual syndrome: low quality materials.

Even renowned makes, like the Varichair by Varidesk are infected by this. Yes. They sometimes crack where the rod joins the stand.

With the LeanRite, it’s completely different.

There’s no way I could break this even when leaning towards it:

ergonomic standing stool base with mat

This is where the stem connects to the mat base. As I lean towards it, I can feel it’s super sturdy.

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Functionality: The sauce of  the standing desk chair

So beyond the robust look there lies a complete back saving solution.

Just a few ways you can use it:

Standing and leaning against the seat with your lower back.

Perching. Not my favourite, but can be a relief at times.

forward leaning on the leanrite sit stand chair

Forward lean. You can’t imagine how good this feels for my lower back.

Yes. I’m placing my full body weight on the seat. Not a creak.

As you can see, unlike other standing desk chairs, the LeanRite offers a bunch of ways you can stay active while at work.

To make this happen, ErgoImpact have built in a number of customization options.

Adjustable seat tilt

I consider the seat tilting functionality the biggest selling point of this sit stand chair. Even pricier contestants lack this function, yet this makes a sit stand desk truly ergonomic.

Why? Because you can lean against the seat with your lower back.

It’s covered with foam and feels so comfy for my lower back inclining towards it when standing fully straight up. You cannot do this with a Focal Upright for instance.

As for the positions of the seat:  vertical (upright), horizontal and in between (around 60 degrees). This allows you either to sit, stand or perch on the chair and apply a number of healthy postures throughout the day.

Adjustable stem

The first lever to set the height of the stem (thus the seat itself) is practically a pedal, right behind the surface of the anti-fatigue mat:

Just put your ankle on it, and let it smoothly rise and release it at the height  where you want the seat to be.

An additional lever under the seat on your right rises the seat to a maximum of 46.2”. The minimum height of the stem is at 22.5”, if you want to use it as a regular ergonomic stool.

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This might not be a feature but I had to include it here. Whichever position you’ll acquire while using the LeanRite, you’ll notice that you can totally rely on it.

Also, feel free to change positions, or lean against the seat with your weight, it stays securely on the ground.

Anti-fatigue mat

An anti fatigue mat is crucial if you want to move constantly. The built-in mat pleases your feet with a medium-softness foam layer, but there’s more to it than just comfort…

leanrite chair review

The true magic of the mat however, is that it makes you switch positions regularly. The reason behind that is simple: you can’t balance yourself on foam as much as on patio.

The result? Healthier back and a pain-free working environment.

Portability wheels

If these were not included I’m not sure if I could move that chair at all:

Thanks to the well thought-out design, you just need to tilt the entire chair backwards and maneuver it around the room:

Portable sit stand chair: Leanrite

Just place your foot on the base and tilt the stand to move it around with the wheels.

Shortcomings of the LeanRite sit stand chair

I’m not sure this is a drawback or a benefit, yet I want to elaborate a bit here.

The seat pad’s foam layer appeared to be a bit too firm for my buttocks. However, I realized that a too soft cushion under my buttocks wouldn’t motivate me to change position often. Altogether, I got used to it pretty soon.

The other slight imperfection of the device was the mat being too slippery when used in socks. I assume that it was designed to be used in shoes or slippers however, I’d be happy to see some sort of scratched surface in the next version.

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LeanRite compared to other adjustable height ergonomic stools

Apart from functionality, benefits and that sort of stuff the question still remains:

Why should one buy the LeanRite instead a cheaper standing desk chair?

Because there’s no other competitor offering that many position changes you can have while working at a standing desk.

You can safely lean against it because of the well balanced construction. The built-in mat balances your weight while leaning.

This is gives you so much freedom compared to other standing desk chairs which will have a mat separately.

You can have it in front of you, leaning against it, or put one leg up if it feels comfy, or just use it as a stool.

Also, it’s much more durable if I compare it to its rivals.

Final verdict

To be honest, I’m in love with my newest standing desk chair.

Every time I enter my home office, this benevolent piece of furniture catches my eye right away.

But it does much more than just pleasing my eyes of course. It actually saves my lower back.

There’s no doubt, the LeanRite not just went through my filter for great back pain relief products but immediately jumped onto the top of the best standing desk chairs for sure.

One last thing: price tag. Currently, you can buy the LeanRite for $579 which seemed way too much for the first sight.

Then I had to decide.

Another Herman Miller Aeron, which is very comfortable and ergonomic, but won’t save me from sitting, known to be harmful for my health.

Thus, I chose LeanRite. Never looked back since. No more comfortable sitting for me!

At the moment there’s no guide for standing desk chairs on my site, if I manage to write one once there’s a high chance the LeanRite will be considered as the best standing desk chair among its nominees.

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LeanRite Elite


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • At least 6 postures to choose from while working
  • Durable construction
  • Fascinating design
  • Built-in anti-fatigue mat
  • Built-in wheels


  • It's a bit pricey (but ergonomic chairs are pricey, we know)
  • Mat can be slippery