Review of the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest

Get to know why it made to the top of the mountain for me

I’ve been a serious lower back pain-sufferer for tens of years now. Even though I turned only 30 this year.

Therefore I know, why you’ve come to this place.

Have you also experienced that unbearable feeling in your lower back? The constant torment caused, just by sitting?

I’ve got good news for you.

I know, there is a plethora of lower back pain support products out there to alleviate stiffness in your spine. Fortunately, Obus Forme has come up with a truly admirable lower back support device, that can be easily applied to any seat, including your car seat and office chair.obus-forme-lowback-backrest-review

Obus Forme excels in engineering the best health support products in Canada, since the 80’s. If you’ve heard the word innovation before, then you can be sure that Obus Forme rhymes with it.

On the market, there are virtually two types of lower back supports that can be attached to a chair or a seat:

  • Memory foam cushions, or
  • Mesh back supports

From my point of view and experience, I’d say that these products are not effective enough on their own. Unfortunately, they also tend to be low quality (of course also being in a very low price range).

Since the  Obus Forme Lowback Backrest combines the two above, I was eager to try it out as soon as I could lay my fingers on them. Hopefully, this honest review will provide value to you.

Let’s see if the innovative solution Obus has come up with, really stands up to the hype.

Overview of the Obus Forme Ergonomic Lowback Backrest

You’ll like theseAnd you probably won’t like these
It improves posture by forming an “S” shapeCan be a bit hot in summer
Additional lumbar padCan be hard to get used to sitting like a piece of stick
It’s lightweight and can be easily carried
Decreases pressure on back by 35%
Available in 4 color variations

Let’s dive in and see what this Obus Backrest has for us

Considering its price range, the Lowback Backrest really pleases the eye.

Just think about it.

For a reasonable price you get something that you’ll going to use 8-10 hours a day, made of sturdy materials, designed by doctors and chiropractors.

Featuring the notorious “S” shape, the Lowback Backrest helps us enhance our posture by supporting proper spinal alignment.

By nature, our body isn’t used to daily sitting. In fact, for hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors thrived with constant movement.

Sitting isn’t natural.

Let me show you what your spine looks like as you sit and as you sit anatomically properly:

(Image is from

See the “S” to the right?

Now that’s what we want to maintain throughout the day.

This means, we need to do something to keep our health at its maximum and at least try to do something about proper sitting.

Drivers: sit back and enjoy painless-ness

The Obus Forme Lowback Backrest is absolutely a go-to for everyone, who’s experiencing constant pain down in his or her lower back.

Imagine yourself getting up in the morning, sipping your daily coffee while reading and getting ready to launch for the day. Just one little thing tickles your nose…

It’s THAT pain again down there.

How to solve this rather unpleasant situation?

Grab your Obus Forme Lowback Backrest from its case, apply it onto the driver seat, and off you go.

That’s one little detail, where this device really excels in; you can rely on him in any situation, since it’s carryable quite conveniently. Put it in your car, or take it with you to your office, or just use it at home.

Even better, this Lowback Backrest was thrown to the shelves in four different color variations: Black, Burgundy (which is deep red), Grey and Navy.

I’m quite pleased with the tones and could instantly match one for my car and one for my office chair (Burgundy went into my car and a Black to the standard, black office chair).

Comfortable and large enough to provide real support. Can lean against it while watching TV, etc., without sinking into couch and curving your back An customer

The actual dimensions of the device will please most users’ back, since the whole thingy is quite large in every means.

It’s about 17.8 in high, and it will end somewhere between your shoulder blades. This enables a perfect angle for your upper body, and you’ll feel relatively relaxed when bending towards the upper parts. (Thanks to the “S” curve).

The device’s is around 4.5 in wide, at its widest points. You’ll notice that it is larger than most of the back supports – so even if you’re a bit taller or weightier, you really shouldn’t worry.

Pamper that good ol’ lowback of yours


Anatomically tested multiple times, the Lowback Backrest enables you to sit in a comfortable position that is optimal for your spine and discs.

What’s so special in it?

Put it simply, its elegant simplicity.

The whole product is made of an “S” shaped polycarbonate framing, in which a polyurethane foam sits, and a detachable mini-foam (or cushion), positioned right in the middle of your lower back.

The framing is where this device excels. Unlike those flimsy mesh back support systems available on the market, this one is sturdy as a wall made of concrete, yet still flexible.

Like the cloth and microfibre it’s covered with. Have been using it for almost a year now, and it’s still wearing well, even after heavy usage. No signs of holes and wear.

Another advantage over other back supports is the lumbar back support cushion.

Thanks to its awesome mobility, it can be placed anywhere on the device. You can even use it near your neck.

Just put it right above your bottom, or in the middle of your lower back area. Detaching is childsplay, granted it’s supplied with two velcro straps.

And that’s it.

Fellow customers reported that the torment, often assaulting their lower spine was almost instantly gone after Obus’ first visit.

That simple formula is why I can honestly recommend it to anyone experiencing severe pain in her lower back.

Will it fit my height? Oh boy, you can be sure

Well, I’m quite that taller person. I’m 6’5”, and often hit our chandelier with my head, ouch. Was kind of worried when I laid eyes on the Lowback Backrest, because of my height, but didn’t it fit me right away.

Guess what?

I sat down, adjusted the lumbar pad a bit around and there I go. It fits me perfectly.

Due to my unusual height, the upper part barely reaches my scapula though, but it’s still convenient bending towards it.

After back surgery? Read on

I’ve a relative, who was operated for a herinated disc. She was desperate to find a solution for her pain still not fading, so she tried a heap of backrests.

You name it.

The one and only product that really worked for her was this elegant little boy with its sophisticated look.

Even though, if it won’t completely eliminate your feeling of pain, it’ll surely reduce pressure in your lower back by 35 percent.

Sitting a day in a wheelchair isn’t a pleasant thing either, right? Well, it turned out that even wheelchair users are very happy with the O. F. Lowback Backrest.

Things to consider when buying the Lowback Backrest

As you would have guessed, no medical product can be perfect for everyone.

Especially, when we’re talking about lower back pain. The pain’s source could be either an abnormality in spine development, but it could turn up due to psychic reasons (e.g. stress).

I cannot say a word: this little device has really fit me, right from the beginning despite the fact that I’m quite a tall one.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard from fellow customers that it can be inconvenient for some taller people though. Although, the cushion in the middle is adjustable, it didn’t really solve the problem for some. You need to keep that in mind, and investigate by playing around with the lumbar pad.

Although, this guy is made of really sturdy materials, it lacks another strap to adjust the S frame more to your own needs. That being said, you can be experiencing the same as I: If I use the Backrest for long hours, I start to squirm and wiggle sometimes making the whole frame crawl down.

Pro tip: About the lumbar pad. Open cover’s top flap, and simply slide the lumbar pad thingy inside. This way you won’t need to readjust it every time you bump on it while sitting down.

Bottom line

I admit, I’m a bit biased towards the Obus Forme Lowback Support.

I’ve used several products out there, but come on. There are so many fake ones, that promise to relief your pain, yet nothing happens after you use them.

This compact fellow was a delight among these devices.

It’s comfortable, yet still insanely sturdy. It has some neat features (like the cushion pillow), and you can carry it with you, even on longer trips.

If you’re looking for something affordable that will serve you for years in your painy-est days, then this guy is for you.

Obus Form Lowback Support


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Improves posture
  • Additional lumbar pad
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can be hard to get used to it
  • Can be hot in summer