Pado has set the standards high in the cordless handheld massager scene.

There’s no doubt whether your choice falls on the entry level CM 3, the mid-weight CM5 or the maximum comfort CM7, you can’t make a bad decision.

In this Pure Wave massager review, I’ll elaborate on the more wallet-friendly CM3 and also compare it to its bigger brother, the CM5.

If you’re running low on budget yet still want to dip your toe into the world of professional massagers, and pamper that lower back of yours, I suggest you to pay close attention now.

Let’s dive in once again, and see the why I consider Pado’s entry level system still a good choice for your back aching needs.

Overview of the Pure Wave CM 3 cordless handheld massager

You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Super usability and great appearanceNo power level setting. On/off only.
Good price benefit ratio
Furious power

One thing that I admire is when a manufacturer takes the time to thoroughly design a product from its inside to the outer coating. Pado has made and outstanding job regarding the CM 3’s appeal.

If you take a look at the CM 3, I’m sure this is what you’ll think as well. Carrying the traits of a bow tie (which might sound hilarious though) this machine charms you at first glance:

pure wave cm5 vs cm5

As you can see, there are three color variations for you taste: the black/grey, the white/grey and the red/black. To be honest, it not even looks better than the CM 5 or the CM 7, but it looks as if it were the part of my apartment’s interior design.

You’ll instantly notice if you take hold of the CM3 is that it’s extremely lightweight. Although it cannot compete with its other lightweight challengers (e.g. the Wahl All Body Massager) it still outshines its bigger brothers with its mere 1.5 pounds.

And this can be a huge advantage for ladies or elderly people suffering from back ache, but not being able to hold a more powerful machine with 3 lbs or whatnot.

As we might have expected from a Pado make massager the CM3 headlines top-notch usability thanks to its ergonomic design and  size. Being 14.75”, you’ll reach all your aching parts with ease.

Easy to use on yourself, even if sore muscle is in your back thanks to the handle, but if you can get someone to use this on you, so much the better.

An customer

What’s in the CM 3’s box?

The CM 3 features two attachment heads namely the Six Head stick and the Point stick which – to be honest – isn’t too many compared to the CM 5 or CM 7’s arsenal of add-on heads. I’ll expand on this a little bit later.

Apart from the device there comes a charger (without the usual Pure Wave stand) which plugs right into the end of the massager itself. Although the CM 5 and CM 7 might look attractive with their charging stands, the CM 3 becomes more versatile without it.

Just think about taking it to the gym , yoga studio or your office. Being without a charging stand lessens overall weight of the pack making it travel-ready.

The tiny powerhouse that lies within: CM 3’s motor

Being a first-class electromagnetic percussion motor not only in the cordless massager field but the corded as well, makes it more than enough for addressing a variety of aches.

As many of you ask this usually, the percussion type of motor provides a back-and-forth thumping motion of the head penetrating deep into your skin to relieve the toughest of pains. So the CM 3 doesn’t feature a vibration motor which can be good for gentle treatments.

If you’re looking for one of these, the Pure Wave CM 7 has both motors built in for your convenience.

Speaking of intensity levels the CM 3’s motor is a single speed one. In fact, you just need to switch the machine on, which instantly starts its motion. This might be a drawback for some, but believe me, the 3500 rpm engine will compensate you for that.

pure wave massager reviews

As I mentioned before, the CM 3 comes with a charger that powers up the 3.7 V, 2600mA Lithium-ion battery. The battery is something that makes this Pure Wave handheld massager a good travel-mate. Although not being the most long-lasting of batteries on the market, it still provides you a satisfying 120 minutes of continuous treatment time.

Important note: Take special care of the batteries! Out of the box, the machine is not suggested to be used. Instead, give it a full charge till the green LED lights up.

Two massage heads, two different purposes

The Pure Wave CM 3 comes with two interchangeable attachment heads:

  • The Six-Head stick: It’s good for general pain relief in your lower back, tight muscles, chronic pain and can be also used over your clothing (this can be great if you’re in the office).
  • And the Point stick which digs deep into targeted points of pain. Very much effective with shoulder, neck pain and for an acupressure-like foot massage

pure wave cm3 review

Pure Wave’s attachment system is again boasts of great usability: screw-like rotating motion makes you able to replace them with ease.

What pain does it address?

For most customers it will address a number of discomforts, such as:

  • Chronic pain, especially chronic back pain
  • Strained, tight muscles (after sport activities)
  • Muscle spasms

To take real effect, I advise you to give your sore parts a 20-minute pampering daily.

Shortcomings of the Pure Wave CM 3

It’s pretty hard to point out serious issues with the this machine. That said, the Pure Wave CM 3’s single speed setup would be the one.

If you’re more into pleasuring massages and would use the CM 3 for pain relief on rare occasions only, then I would suggest you to buy the CM 7 instead. It features a gentle facial pampering head, and a variable percussion motor to effectively relief pain if needed.

Pure Wave CM3 VS Pure Wave CM5

Since the Pure Wave CM 5 and the CM 7 are almost identical, I’m going to compare the CM 5 with our CM 3 right now.

The major differentiating factor that you’ll notice instantly is the number of attachment heads. While the CM5 has three of them (with an extra Air-cushion one used for general soothing massage purposes), the CM3 only features the two basic ones I mentioned before.

The two motors also differ in terms of power and variability. Although the CM3’s 3500 rpm motor is more than enough for most pain sufferers, the CM 5 has a 3700 rpm one.

A more important matter can be the power level setting which the CM3 lacks. The CM 5 comes with a power level setting making you decide which intensity level is in need to your current mood. With the CM 3’s on/off switch, you cannot do that.

Another factor is the battery’s  capacity. I won’t say that the CM 3’s 120 minutes usage time is entirely bad, but the CM5 comforts you with a massive 180 minutes of usage.

In terms of weight the CM3 is the winner though. It’s a slight difference only (0.15 pounds between the CM3 and the CM5), yet it might be a concern for ladies, who regularly travel a lot with their device thrown in their bag.

Final verdict

Being a relatively low-priced massager (and the cheapest among Pure Wave’s) with quality traits, the Pure Wave CM 3 handheld cordless massager is a little fellow that I recommend to:

  • Sports people
  • Elderly people suffering of various joint and muscle pains in their back, leg or neck
  • Anyone with regular aches in their body

Visiting a chiropractor frequently can cost a lot indeed  and the CM 3 as a wallet-friendly massager can help you fewer those visits.

I admit, that in terms of functionality the CM 3 might lag behind. Still, basic features are packed in the CM 3 as well, but if you’re looking for some more delicate massage pleasure, you might want to check the CM 5 as well.

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Pure Wave CM3


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Superb usability with unique design
  • Good value for the price
  • Extreme intense motor for a battery-powered massager


  • Motor can be too powerful for some
  • Doesn't feature a motor intensity level setting