Ah, the Pure Wave CM5.

Long is the list of cordless handheld massagers, but only a few make it to the top. In this review, I’ll point out why I chose the Pure Wave series by Pado as one of the best handheld massagers.

There’s quite a lot to be said about each Pure Wave model, so I decided to venture into another separate review on the Pure Wave CM 5. However, since many of you have had a request for it you’ll have a read about:

  • Deep dive into the Pure Wave CM 5’s benefits and letdowns
  • A Pure Wave CM 5 vs CM 7 comparison and insight about which would better fit your needs

Although this review might seem long, it’ll cover the most critical aspects of the devices that concern you.

I’ll be honest. The Pure Wave CM 5 is on the top of the list for me when it comes to handheld massagers with its simplicity, but the CM 7 is also worth considering.

That being said, bear with me and let the Pure Wave CM 5 review commence.

Overview of the Pure Wave CM 5 handheld massager

You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Super usability and great appearanceNot enough power for a more athletic type of body
Lightweight design despite its massive power
180 minutes of continuous treatment time

What’s in the box of the Pure Wave CM 5?

Out of the box, the CM 5 comes with 3 attachment heads, a stand and a charger.

To me, the CM 5 is really appealing. Its ultra modern appearance somehow makes me think that this is a quality made, professional device and not some garbage imported from the far east. I know, appearance is only a secondary concern when it comes to medical devices, still.

pure wave cm5 vs cm7

Like the CM 7, the CM 5 is also available in two color variations: red/black and white/grey. Have no fear, because both are identical in terms of functionality. Feel free to choose the color of your taste.

Speaking of look, it’s worth mentioning that designers payed close attention to usability. And this is something what cheaper massagers might not have. The genuinely curved shape allows you to easily maneuver on your skin and makes you able to reach even tougher parts, like the middle of your back.

Length always plays a crucial role when it comes to ease-of-use. The CM 5 has a length of 14.75” and with the curved shape it’s indeed a pleasure to reach your aching joints.

purewave cm5 review

What’s even better is that the CM 5 is super lightweight with only 1.62 lbs. This means absolutely no strain on your hands, even after a thorough massage treatment.

Now let’s see what the CM 5 is really capable of when set on fire.

My chiropractor uses this and I found such relief on days I went in that I told him I wished I had one. I was surprised when he told me I could get it for this price on Amazon.

An Amazon.com customer

A powerhouse behind the delicate coating

It features a best-in-class, 1500 to 3700 rpm electromagnetic percussion motor being at your service on demand. Honestly, I can rarely see that much power in cordless action.pure wave massager reviews

The percussion motor itself operates in a back-and-forthlike motion, as if it were thumping on your skin but really rapidly. So for those looking for a circular motion device this won’t do the trick. If you’re comparing this to a circular motion motor (say, a vibrating one) the CM 5 has more powerful impact on your skin than that.

Power level can be set up by a single turn of the main knob which is the power-on switch as well. Just turn it to the right and set up intensity to your needs. Don’t forget to switch attachments beforehand, because the intensity effect depends on that greatly. I’ll get back to this later though.

As you start using the CM 5, you’ll immediately notice that it’s as silent as the wind’s whistling. This is a great advantage over, say, Wahl massagers that are infamous of their wildly operating motors.

Long lasting pleasure by Pure Wave CM 5

You already know what getting a cordless massage means – mobility, convenience and getting your pleasure wherever you wish. Even for home use, who likes dancing around with tangled cords all the time?

A very common problem with wireless handheld massagers is the battery charge. A lot of companies promise intense massaging action and then you find yourself can’t even do the 20-minute regular daily treatment.

Once again, the CM 5 cordless massager doesn’t disappoint. Its  durable, 7.2V Lithium-Ion battery will hold as long as 180 minutes of continuous massage action.

Important note though: You might forget to charge full the battery as you’re in a rush. Please do take this seriously and let it do a full charge, since it can affect battery life severely and may reduce that 180 minutes to 30.

As I mentioned, the charging stand needs to be connected to the charger itself which goes to the power outlet at 110V. Sorry, but if you’re not from the US, you’ll probably need to get a transformer to charge the unit.

Where the CM 5 doesn’t let us down is the charging time. Plug in, place on stand, and wait for only an hour to thereafter use it for 3 hours. If charging is ready, a small green LED will let you know about that.

Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable. Good news though that Pado promises ‘many years’ of usage without being to replace the battery.

How to use the CM 5? What pain does it address?

Featuring 3 attachment heads, the CM 5 gives you the possibility to awaken your senses in many ways:pure wave cm5 review

  • The 6-head stick improves blood circulation and is ideal for relieving stiffness in major muscle groups. I used this the most for my lower back aches – with a great success. I consider this head as a general, go-to solution.
  • The air cushion stick is the softest among all the attachments. Great for tendonitis, sensitive joints and for Swedish-massage-like treatments.
  • The point stick aims to break up muscle knots and adhesions. It’s usually needed for your lower back, neck and shoulders. Can be also used on your feet.

Whenever you need, you can try applying lotion to the pads to give a more soothing experience. This will work even more if you’re having a relax-eve with your partner.

As many of you have asked me about this: there’s no heating option on this device. It heats up your skin due to the motion it operates with, but nothing more than that. Wahl’s Heat Therapy Massager is something that I can recommend for the purpose though.

The CM 5’s shortcomings

As for all the members of the Pure Wave series, it’s difficult to find a shortcoming of the CM 5.

Even though the 3700 rpm motor will be suitable for most people, I’ve talked with customers complaining about the promised intensity not being sufficient for them.

I generally disagree with the statement that the CM 5 is a “powerless massager”, but I can imagine someone who has a more athletic build can find the motor unable to ease their pain.

Pure Wave CM 5 vs Pure Wave CM 7

Regarding their appearance, the Pure Wave CM 5 and the CM 7 (read the CM 7’s full review here) are both identical. Both have the color variations of black/red or white/grey which don’t differ from each other.

What needs to have a comment though is weight. I consider mentioning it important that the CM 5 is 0.10 pounds less than it’s bigger brother, though I understand it’s just a bit of difference there.

Also, both the CM 5 and CM 7 feature the charging stand with a charger and with the same capacity Li-Ion battery.

The main differentiating factor resides in the electromagnetic motors though. While the CM 5 is a simple percussion handheld massager operating on one end, the CM 7 features two separate motors on two ends:

pure wave cm 7 review

Speaking of the CM7, its motors take place on each end making the whole rod a versatile pain reliever in many aspects.

One end has the same percussion instrument as the CM 5’s providing a massive power of 3700 rpm being at your service. The other end has an entirely different, more gentle vibrating motor. The vibration head attachment though is designed to be applied for facial massage only.

To be honest, I haven’t seen this as a big advantage over the CM 5, since the facial massage head didn’t prove to be that efficient.

However, both massagers differ quite a bit with their attachment heads also. The CM 7 outshines it’s little brother in this aspect with two additional heads (apart the vibrating motor’s head) one being the Body massage stick (this is really great for couples) and the other the Scalp massager.

It’s upon you to decide whether those two attachment heads and the vibrating motor for a facial massage is worth the extra $30.

Final verdict

As you can see from this Pure Wave CM5 review, I’m a fan of this model. More than the CM7:

  • Very comfortable to use being lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Exceptional quality both in the percussion motor and battery life as well
  • Variability thanks to the three attachment heads

What’s even better is that Pado pleases its customers with a 30-day trial. This means that if you’re unsatisfied, you can return it any time, no questions asked, they say. Afterwards, the CM5 has a 1-year warranty.

If you’re looking for something that’s flexible, easy on hands yet capable of some intense action, this is your handheld massager.

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Pure Wave CM5


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Intense massage action with speed set-up
  • 180 minutes of usage with 1 charge
  • Good usability and design


  • It might not be effective for some despite the powerful motor