Rarely do we see a hand massager that is just a standalone tool – instead it’s a whole combination of utilities. Pado’s Pure Wave CM7 handheld massager is just like that.

Featuring a percussion massager on one end, and a vibration massager on the other makes this device the king of the do-it-yourself massage niche.

Being a cordless yet still lightweight device, it’s – without a word among – the best of home handheld massagers.

But is it really able to relieve back pain? Does it last long or do I have to recharge it in minutes? Let the Pado Pure Wave CM7 massager review commence!

Overview of the Pure Wave CM7 handheld massager

You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Intensive and calming motor variations
Motor slows down when pushed against your skin
Slick design and great usability
Could have been a bit cheaper
180 minutes without charging
Slip-on heads can slip off easily

pado pure wave cm7 blackThe first thing you’ll notice about this cordless massager is its slick design. Its robust appearance makes it stand out from the crowd of non-branded, useless products on the market. If outlook matters to you, I’ve got good news: this cordless handheld massager comes in colors of white and black for your preference.

When you first keep a hold of it, you’ll instantly notice another thing: it’s fabulously lightweight. To be honest, I did not expect something with a Li-Ion battery under its coat that weightless. This makes it easy to hold for even longer treatment times, which is a huge advantage from the viewpoint of elderly or disabled people.

A silicone rubber grip allows for even more firm grasp, and this comes handy when you turn the motor speed to its highest level. You’ll also notice that this is a huge thing. And with that I mean it: being 16.5” in length makes it easy to reach literally any aching spot on your body.


As I said before, the CM7 is a super-light device which makes it easily portable as well. You don’t need to take the charger with you. Just pop the massager into a backpack when getting to the office, and give your back a pleasure treatment when you need it.

CM 7 – A real DIY massage powerhouse

This massager can be used in two different ways. You either use the end side which is the vibrational massager, or you go with upper side, which is the percussion massager.

But how many handheld massagers have you seen with two massage heads? That’s what I thought too. This is an enormous advantage above the competitors for sure. Basically you get two massagers for the price.

If you’re a chronic back painer, I bet you’ll be using the upper head the most. Why do I say that? Because the percussion therapy massager head inflicts much greater pounding on your skin, reaching down to your tissues deeply under your skin. This increases blood circulation and also helps stop muscle spams. But later on this.

Featuring a Li-Ion battery, this is something that won’t let you down for at least 180 minutes of continuous treatment (or each day a week for 20-30 minutes). And all of that for only 1 hour of charging. That’s what I call real convenience.

Speaking of batteries, there’s two of them built in at 7.2V and 2200mA, and this is what makes this device a real monster.

My husband and I both really like this massager. It is effective on muscle aches and pains after a long day of working in the yard.

An Amazon.com customer

A LED light indicates current charge state with red displaying the lowest, orange for medium and green for a full charge. This comes handy because you can prepare in advance for your evening massage – given you notice the LED flashing red.

Some of you has asked me if this massager can be used with the charger plugged in, but unfortunately not. You can only use the massager when plugged out from the wall outlet.

One thing that many of us forget is to recharge before putting this vibrating fellow away into the drawer. Your battery will have a longer life this way.

It’s also important to mention the specs of the charger. The CM 7 charger’s input voltage is 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4 A Max, whereas the output voltage is 8.5V, DC, 1A.

With normal usage, Pado provides a one-year warranty for the Pure-Wave CM-7 home massager.

The double-edged sword

pure wave cm 7 attachmentsAs the title reads, this is a double-edged blade indeed. So much that two separate dynamic motors operate each side of it.

A variable speed, powerful engine operates the upper side (which is the stronger, remember?) with back-and-forth percussive motion set from 1500 rpm to 3600 rpm. Compared to Wahl’s classic Deep Tissue massager this power is simply outstanding, and I haven’t even mentioned that the Wahl make is a corded handheld massager.

On the other side, there goes the softer, but an indeed more rapid facial micro vibration motor. This high-speed turbine produces 11000 rpm motion making its vibrations feel ultra-soft to your skin. I’m sure that you’ll use this only occasionally, but I admit, it can come in handy after a tiring day.

Attachment arsenal of the Pure Wave CM-7

An almost medical-grade machine surely won’t let us down when it comes to variability. CM-7 does this really well with wide selection of add-ons. You can attach three of them with a slip-over method and the other three by a screwing motion.

You can apply the following attachments to the more intensive, percussion side:

  • Air cushion stick, which is good for a general massage treatment and specifically for sensitive areas, where bones are closer to your skin (e.g. shoulders, near your vertebrae, etc.)
  • Point stick for an acupressure-like therapy
  • 6-head stick, the absolute lover of lower back pain victims (such as I)
  • Scalp massage stick which feels so good, as if it’s massaging your brain
  • Body massage stick to be used with oils, massage balms and creams

And this last one attaches to the more tender, vibration side:

  • Facial massage stick for usage with creams and massage oils (You can apply this on the percussion side as well if longing for a more intense treatment on your face tissues)

pure wave cm 7 white attachments

To be honest, I’ve instantly become a big fan of the Point stick and the 6-head stick, since these seemed to work wonders on my lower back pain.

As you can see, there is a whole garmada at your service when your arrive home agonizing in pain. If these many options do not satisfy your needs, I recommend you try each and every add-on with different speeds through your clothes. This can be useful for anyone struggling with sensitive parts.

What types of back pain and general pain can you use the CM-7 for?

Since the CM-7 handheld massager is the swiss army knife of home massagers, it addresses so many types of pain, let it be your lower back, upper back, or almost any part on your body. The incomplete list of these illnesses are:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Arthritis (do consult with your physiotherapist though!)
  • Sport injuries and muscle strains
  • Bad discs

Under what conditions should you avoid using the CM-7:

  • Recent surgery
  • Irritable skin
  • Deep vein thrombosis

Apart from these, the Pure Wave CM-7 will definitely be your go-to option when suffering of general pain and muscle soreness.

Some drawbacks of the Pure Wave CM-7

As I mentioned in my previous reviews, there’s no perfect back pain relief product that works the same for everyone. Although I have to admit, that the CM-7 – apart from these drawbacks – is very close to being the perfect massager.

One letdown of the CM-7 is that the slip over attachments may easily come off at times.

Last but not least, I heard from fellow back painers that if they apply their CM-7 with hard pressure against their skin, the motor slows down a bit. I wouldn’t consider this a serious one, since most people will use this insanely powerful motor without pushing it against their body anyways.

pure wave cm 7 review

If I had to pick one more con, that would be the price label. Compared to other percussion handheld massagers, like the Wahl’s Deep Tissue massager the CM-7’s price tag is a bit expensive. Although the Wahl not even closing the medical grade, it still does its job, and can be a budget option for those not wanting to break a bank.

Final verdict

Pado has showed us how home massagers can perform almost as medical grade ones by introducing the Pure Wave CM-7.

With advantageous attachment options, slick outlook, and a real powerhouse humming under its coat, the Pure Wave gives us maximum pleasure for not just our back pain problems.

In my humble opinion, the CM-7 is among the top handheld massagers, if it’s not the best. I’d recommend it to anyone with serious back pain issues and also to those who face agony only occasionally.

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Pure-Wave CM7




Pain relief effect


Value for money


Overall grade



  • Two massagers in one
  • Slick design and usability
  • 180 minutes without charging


  • Motor slows down when pushed against your skin
  • Price tag
  • Some heads can slip off