Female version of Sacro WedgyIf you’re struggling with Piriformis syndrome, Sciatica or experiencing lower back pain I’m sure you’ve heard about the Sacro Wedgy.

Since we’ve given so much love to a number of back stretchers like the Spine Worx or the True Back, we just couldn’t let Sacro Wedgy slip off of our list.

However, unlike the aforementioned challengers the Sacro Wedgy tool works on a quite different principle. And this means, it’ll fix different back problems.

In today’s Sacro Wedgy review we’ll find out if it lives up to the expectations – despite some questionable feedback it received lately.

Let’s dive in together to uncover its ups and downs together.


You’ll definitely like these

  • Good for a good number of chronic back pain issues
  • Can be used at home, in office or in car
  • You need only 20 minutes a day to achieve results
  • Great price / benefit ratio

But you won’t like these

  • Not as effective as advertised for some people
  • Can be painful at first

Short History of Sacro Wedgy

Sacro Wedgy has been around for 15 years and its roots go back even to the 50’s.

The name ‘Sacro’ comes from the scientific word ‘sacrum’. Our bone within the lower back consisting of fused vertebrae right between the two hipbones of the pelvis.

Since this bone is a bit different in women and men the company developed a male (blue) and a female (pink) version of the device.

The differentiating factor lies within the shape: the male version is a bit longer and narrower, whereas the female is wider and shorter.

Pro tip: For taller women the sacrum may be a bit male-like: narrower and longer. If you consider yourself tall, I’d recommend trying the male version first.

Rubber and foam. And that’s all?

Sacro Wedgy review Male and Female

As you can see, this little device has two parts.

The first part on top, there sits a latex-free hard rubber (made of the combination of rubber and plastic) which gets in contact with your body. It has to be firm enough to hold your body weight and maintain its shape in the long term. But it definitely has some flexibility.

A common question about the firmness – Does it hurt when lying down on it? Hell yeah! At least for some people. But the creators say that the more it hurts, the more you need Sacro’s treatment.

The second part lies underneath the rubber padding. A hard (yoga block-like) ¾” thick foam elevates the tool from the ground, making your sacrum uplifted. If you feel that your hip is not elevated enough, you can get foam extensions for $2.45.

A great benefit of this little tool is portability. Weighing only 7.2 ounces makes it a perfect companion. Carry it to your office or on holiday or even in your car and do a self-treatment session daily to relieve your lower back pain.

I had lower back pain sitting for long periods of time and difficulty getting up afterwards, after using the Wedgy my pain is all gone!

An Amazon.com customer

How does the Sacro Wedgy work?

The idea behind Sacro Wedgy is to elevate your sacrum and to loosen up the psoas muscle.

The tight psoas muscle was found to be the main cause of the piriformis syndrome as well as many other lower back pain and hip issues.

Sacro Wedgy basically raises your sacrum and loosens up your muscles being able to inflict almost immediate relief.

What illnesses does it address?

Piriformis syndrome cure – If you were diagnosed with the piriformis syndrome Sacro Wedgy might be an inexpensive relief worth trying. Seriously. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars at a chiropractor, why not invest $40 in a solution that saved many others?

Pro tip for piriformis sufferers: Don’t just try the Sacro Wedgy. If you don’t experience immediate relief keep on practicing and see what happens in the long-term.

Scoliosis cure – Or at least scoliosis relief. Since the cause of the scoliosis syndrome originates to the sacrum, many scoliosis sufferers experienced at least slight alleviation after using Wedgy. But remember, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have your scoliosis cured instantly. We’d say, it’s worth a try.

Fibromyalgia relief – No, the Sacro Wedgy definitely won’t promise a fibromyalgia cure either. However, a number of female users reported that after weeks, they felt some comfort resulting in taking less medication pills. So if you’re looking for a fibromyalgia cure naturally you may give Wedgy a chance.

Lower back pain relief – If you don’t know the cause of your lower back pain, and even medication could not help, there’s a high chance Sacro Wedgy will cause relief – to some extent. Since the psoas muscle is connected to many back illnesses, you’ll have a high chance to have alleviation. Remember: Wedgy helps relax this muscle.

Who is it for?

Originally, Sacro Wedgy was designed for use by athletes.

However, throughout the last two decades, it’s been used by a wide range of audiences. It can be an effective back pain treatment for you, if you:

  • Sit a lot (be prepared for back pain relief, office-dwellers)
  • Drive a lot
  • Exercise a lot
  • Have chronic back pain issues

Sacro Wedgy instructions – How to use it?

And here comes the fun part. Why? Because this little device can be used in so many ways to have effect.

sacro wedgy and a spine

Using on a flat surface lying down – The point here is to elevate your sacrum and relax it as much as you can. Follow these steps to have a proper Sacro Wedgy placement:

    1. Choose the right tool first of all. If you’re a woman, choose Sacro Wedgy female, and if you’re man, go ahead with the male version.
    2. Lie down on a flat surface. You may try this in bed, but please take note that this tool was designed to be used on a firm, flat surface.
    3. Pull your knees up and relax for some seconds.
    4. Place the device under your sacrum having the tailbone in Sacro Wedgy’s cradle.
    5. Slowly and gently, start rocking your pulled up knees from right side to left side. (Note: If this seems too intense for you, remove the ¾” elevation pad and try that way)
    6. Straighten your legs. Slowly to avoid causing any injuries. Now relax in this position for 10 minutes with the first session. You can increase treatment time up to 20 minutes (but only if it feels okay).
    7. (Optional step) If you’re feeling comfortable after a number of treatment sessions, you can add a plus 1” elevation to increase intensity.
    8. Finishing step: Move to your hands and knees and stretch your back with a “camel to a cat” arching. Drop back onto your knees to a child’s pose and relax a bit. Stand up.

As you can see Sacro Wedgy placement is crucial here. Take a look at the picture below to have the right position thus a more effective treatment:

Image from http://selahmassagebodywork.com

Using in a car – Many people use Wedgy with great success on longer car rides. If you drive for long hours on a daily basis, this tool can be the best extension to your lower back treatment.

Our only instruction here is to sit comfortably first and then look out for the Sacro Wedgy placement. Place it right under the sacrum with the cradle holding your tailbone. Remember, if it feels bad, consider letting it go. You’ll do it at home as a last resort.

Using in a chair – The same method applies to office or dining chairs. Sit down at first, and then apply the Sacro Wedgy to your tailbone with tool’s cradle holding it.

Some more Sacro Wedgy exercises

I wanted to include some more practice exercises for advanced users. These exercises correspond to the “lying on a flat surface” method I mentioned before:

  • One knee pulled up, the opposite stays on the ground but slightly bent. Now thrust your almost straight leg’s foot forward. And release. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Pull up both knees. Slowly spread the knees to the left and right simultaneously. Start rocking from left to your right.

Sacro Wedgy Does it Work at all? Sacro Wedgy vs towel

Let’s be honest. The Sacro Wedgy – despite it being a wonderful device – won’t work for everyone.

And yes, some might say that “It’s just a piece of rubber on a foam padding”. But for most it’s the miraculous source of lower back pain relief. If you view of it from this perspective, Wedgy becomes way more than just a rubber on a foam with the price of $40.

Most patients report that after having the first Sacro-session felt significant relief either with piriformis syndrome or with just general lower back pain.

Sacro Wedgy vs towel: Some people say that a rolled towel worked even better for them. A towel might not be that uncomfortable, that’s true. But a simple towel does not feature that detailed shape Wedgy does.

Shortcomings of the Sacro Wedgy

As you could see, we mainly covered the benefits in this Sacro Wedgy review.But as we always emphasise: no back pain product can go without at least one defect. And this tool is no exception.

Wedgy’s biggest downside is ineffectiveness without doubt. Most users expect total relief on their lower back problems, including the piriformis syndrome.

Yes, Sacro Wedgy works for most. You might be in this group of people, but the only way to tell this is to try the device.

Another disadvantage is pain caused throughout the treatment. Most people experience discomfort while the first two or three treatments. After those, the pain simply vanishes.

Final Verdict

Despite its shortcomings I consider the Sacro Wedgy a great back pain treatment device for a reasonable price (around $40).

Sure, for some people it may feel uncomfortable, or ineffective, but I say it again: most users love it – and there’s a reason for that. It’s simply effective for piriformis, chronic back pain including even sciatica.

It’s a must if you prefer natural back pain relief methods instead of taking pills. I’d say, give it a chance as you’ve nothing to lose. Try and you can still return it.

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Sacro Wedgy


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Effective against many lower back issues
  • Great cost / benefit ratio
  • Can be used in the office, in your car or at home
  • Treatment time is only 20 minutes


  • Can be painful to use at first
  • Might not be as effective as you think