We’ve seen so many inventive back pain devices out there. Some of them are challenged whether they do their job at all, or just look fancy.

It’s the same case when you take a quick glance at what the Sae Arc team has come up with.

This back stretcher looks awkwardly simple yet appealing to the eye. But there must be something in it, if customers keep reviewing it as “excellent”.

And this is where I come in. Come and join me on my ride to discover this neat looking back stretcher’s advantages and letdowns as well.

Just one little sneak peak: It did perform quite well. So don’t go anywhere, stick with me.

Overview of the Sae Arc Back Stretcher

You'll love theseBut you won't like these
Simple, elegant and versatileThe elderly will have some trouble with comfort
Good for a number of diseases and illnesses in your backLacks thorough documentation

Relief your back pain like a monk

The background story of Sae Arc is quite impressive.

The founder, Richard Kim had experienced that although the back stretcher market is oversaturated, there’s no efficient enough product out there, to alleviate back pain.

From his ancestors he borrowed the idea of wooden back and neck stretchers. As he said:

“For thousands of years, wooden stretchers were used by acupuncturists, kungfu and yoga trainers for effective spine stretching for better circulation and to improve posture.”

And alas, the Sae Arc was born:

What lies beyond the appealing look

One might easily think when taking a glance at the Sae Arc stretching pad is: Seriously, you want to charge me that much of money for bending a piece of wood?

To be honest, it’s more to it than a bended wooden log.

Kim aimed to entirely rebuild a relic that had been a proven method for back pain relief over thousands of years.

Handcrafted from sturdy maplewood in the USA, the Sae Arc is a device designed for decades of continuous exercising.

You might think that lying down on a wooden surface while letting gravity push your vertebrae right into its hard surface can not be that soothing.

That’s why the Sae Arc is mounted with a foam pad right on the top. Although it’s not something thick, it still seems to work for most.

I consider its size a bit smaller than the average back stretcher: it’s 14” long, 9” wide and 3 ½” high with the riser attachment applied. If you take the riser off, it’s 2 ½” high overall.

One advantage of this wooden back stretcher is its portability. Not being bulky at all, it easily fits in a bag, meaning that you can take it into your office or on holiday.

It comes also comes with an extension which you can elevate the whole device with. This height attachment adds another 1” to the height of the device giving less of a curve.

This is awesome ! I have lower back pain every time I wake up from biking and I just have a bit of a sway back. I have used this only a few minutes a day and I spring out of bed no morning back pain! An Amazon.com customer

Who is the Sae Arc for?

Well, it’s not anyone looking for a magic trick that instantly heals your back problems. Although, after the second exercise, you’ll experience major improvement regarding your back status.

However, it requires a little bit of more persistence there.

Get used to it: it’s going to hurt you. At least the first three times. If the pain is unbearable, you can put down a folded towel on top of the arc, and believe me, that can help a lot.

Taking the firmness into consideration, I wouldn’t recommend this product to the elderly. They need more convenience than what a wooden board can provide. So if you’ve past your 60’s and thinking about going with the Sae Arc, I’d definitely say a no. I’d rather stick with a more comfortable device, like the True Back.

Sticking with Sae Arc though, it’s designed for you if you have one of the following:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Degenerated spine
  • Bone spurs

Like I said before, it’s not going to solve these serious health issues at once. But if you stick with it, it’s most likely, that you’ll going to have success in some weeks. This means that coping with pain will be much easier and you can live with it easily till you see your chiropractor.

Read these instructions if you plan to invest in Sae Arc

Since there’s no thorough documentation provided in the package (what a shame), I wanted to elaborate on how this stretcher works. At least the basic exercise.

As you might have guessed, it’s highly recommended to do some minutes of stretching or aerobic exercising before starting with the Sae Arc.

When you’re ready, lie down on your back and relax for a minute, and don’t forget to take deep breaths.

  1. Either way, you can start by putting the arc right under your lumbar area, or start from your upper back area.
  2. As you body weighs down on the arc, be prepared to hear your vertebrae crackling. That’s normal, but if feels unbearably painful, consider stopping the exercise.
  3. Lie relaxed for some minutes and then move the device to your mid back and start over, then move another step down/up.

Complete this twice a day, and you’re going to see improvement regarding your back pain status. If you get a hang of it, you can try more complicated exercises as well. Just be sure to quit, if you can’t stand the pain.

The difference between Sae Arc and other back stretchers

If you’ve tried more than one back stretchers, you’ve possibly run into the main difference. As you’ve seen the Sae Arc is something simple and plain: the surface which your vertebrae get in contact with is basically a wooden plank.

It can be an important aspect for older people (60 years olds and above), since they usually aren’t that flexible regarding their body.

Instead, when you take a look at the True Back back stretcher for instance, the game’s completely different.


Because you fit your spinal column between two rails. This means, your vertebrae might not get that devastating pressure, since they’re not going to lay on them exactly. True Back uses your muscles adjacent to your spinal column to weigh on.

Where the Sae Arc lets you down

I can’t stress it enough, that there’s no perfect back pain relief device for everyone.

Although being an impressive product, the Sae Arc also has some flaws.

A minor thing is that it lacks thorough documentation on how to use the product. A link to a youtube video and nothing special.

A major flaw though lies in its simplicity. If the manufacturer could add another layer of thick foam on top of the arc would be splendid. Since many say that it’s not comfortable enough to lie down on, it would be an improvement for customers being able to manually add another layer if needed.

Final verdict

If you’re willing to look past these letdowns and won’t throw this little fellow into the corner after not having achievement the first time, you’ll most likely soothe your back pain with it.

It’s an easy-to-use and versatile product to have, and it outperforms a good number of its competitors.

The Sae Arc is for you, if you:

  • Have 2 x 5-10 minutes a day
  • Willing to bear with the crackling feel of your spine in the beginning

With sleek design, great ergonomics and two height setting, the Sae Arc is a pain relief machine that will work for most people, even bearing in mind its letdowns.

If you think you’ve tried everything to alleviate your pain and failed to this moment, the Sae Arc is truly something that can make your health status manageable.

Sae Arc




Pain relief effect


Value for money



  • Can be used for several back pain illnesses
  • Simple and elegant look


  • Older people may have problems with exercising on it
  • Lacks documentation