Ever wondered how you could skip doing your daily lower back stretching routine, and still manage low back pain?

I know it can easily get on your nerves, especially after a tiring day. Worst case, you’re just too lazy to do it.

I’ve got good news for you.

Spine Worx made a big leap and gave us the opportunity to stretch and realign our back without doing exercise and helps you maintain your back’s state until your next visit to your chiropractor.

Many of us, serious back pain fighters became skeptical when looking at the product itself. Honestly, it looks as if it were a mold for a child’s clay set.

And this is why I chose to put it to a test.

Come with me, and let’s see if the so-called, chiropractor-designed Spine Worx really alleviates lower back pain, or it’s just some bogus.

Overview of the Spine Worx

You'll like theseBut you won't like these
Can be a good solution if you're tired of your back stretching routineOuch. It hurts.
Gets vertebrae and spine back alignedDoesn't work for quite a few diseases
Reasonably pricedQuestionable effect on low back pain

How does the Spine-Worx back realignment device?

At first glance, you might, too wonder about this.

The main functionality of the Spine Worx is derived from its spine shaped outline.

As frightening as it is at first sight, this exercise pad uses your own body weight to alleviate pain in your vertebrae.

Yes. It aligns your vertebrae by lying straight on it with your back. And yes, you might hear some crackling noises as your vertebrae get back to their natural position.

Being uncomfortable at first, one or two weeks of daily usage will lessen the inconvenience produced by it.

The magic comes from the two rubber rails into which your vertebrae slide into. When you lie down on it, you’ll feel what your spine should shape like. More on how to use it safely a bit later.

To be firm and stabilized, the designer chiropratctor of Spine Worx made it sure that it does not slip easily on the floor.

Speaking of its make, you can be sure that this is one fellow that’s really tested out. Made in the U.S. and manufactured for the U.S. Therapy Inc. in Millington, Tennessee, which might be important for some.

The pad itself is as compact as it gets, reaching its entire case length at 24”, and the part your spine reclines on at 20”. Lacking the option to set recline length, you might need to struggle a bit to fit your spine in between the humps.

While I am only in my 20s, I have fused vertebrae in my neck and lower back problems as well. This helps in between chiropractor visits.

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Alleviate your toughest back pain with no body exercise

At first glance, you might not grasp, how a pad like this works.

No worries, I was in the same shoes.

It’s quite simple. The good things is: you need absolutely no body movement to practice on the Spine Worx.

Why’s that so?

Gravity. Gravity is the reason, you don’t need to move even your pinky finger.

This is awesome, if you’re unable to move when pain strikes in. I’m not this type of painist, yet still am amazed how a simple trick can do wonders to my back.

When you experience discs to bunch out from time to time, you can be sure that you’re following days are ruined. Pinched nerves, they called.

Fortunately, the Spine Worx pad is built for such situations.

Compared to back rollers, Spine Worx bears a great advantage. You literally need no motion, yet still achieve an enormous progress in your lower back pain management.

The Spine Worx is built for your, if you have one of the following types of pain/dysfunction:

  • Disintegrating discs
  • Ruptured discs
  • Herniated discs
  • General lower back pain

Don’t dream of using it though, if you have:

  • Scoliosis – Actually, it might worsen your current situation, so I wouldn’t suggest trying it.
  • Upper back pain. It simply wouldn’t do the job, because it’s not designed for alleviating upper back pain.
  • Lordosis

Safety first: using the Spine Worx properly

First time players: be careful. And take this seriously. Some fellow customers reported minor injuries during their first approach to the pad, because of doing alignment in a hurry.

Don’t do that.

Slowly, but surely:

Place your bottom at the end with the higher hump, and have it positioned right to your lower back.


  1. With extra care, start bending back with the aid of your hands placed on the floor.
  2. When you reach the final position, you might hear your vertebrae cracking, but this is normal. Make sure, your spine gets between the two rubber rails.
  3. And now, relax for a few minutes. Take deep breaths.
  4. Gradually increase time lying on it depending on how it feels. Be honest to yourself. If it sucks, get up.
  5. When you feel you’ve had enough, roll onto your side. Stay there on your stomach for a few minutes, and then slowly pull back to your knees. Stand up.

If you’ve made progress and feel comfortable, the ideal exercise time is around 20 minutes a day. With this, you hopefully will achieve great improvement in your back pain management.

I can’t stress the importance to take step 6 seriously. Otherwise, you might end up worsening the whole situation there.

Think about it: If you stand up right away, without lying down to your stomach, you’d put all your upper body weight on your back, where a second ago, there was literally none.

Pro tip: If you feel uncomfortable when relaxing on the Spine Worx, get a pillow under your head. This technique has worked for several customers, including me.

Where Spine Worx lets you down

Before you hurry and hit that “Buy now” button, let me state something. Being one of the most popular products in its genre, the Spine Worx is a device with a doubted effect.

Since I’m here to tell you the truth, I won’t hesitate to suggest you ditching the whole thing.

One of its downsides is that it simply doesn’t do what it’s meant to. You exercise with it daily and it’s of no use.

Worst case scenario though is that you can get injured with it. If you don’t follow instructions and keep at it, when it feels bad for you, it might worsen things.

Also, there’s one major letdown that needs to be included here. What if I’m taller than the Average Joe? Your bad. You simply can’t fit your spine between the two humps which makes the whole thing useless.

So if you’re above 6’5”, you might struggle with finding the correct posture and lie comfortably.

Some frequently asked questions about Spine Worx

How much body weight can this pad handle? Can I lie down on it safely even if I’m overweight?

Don’t hesitate on this. Even being 400 lbs, you can be sure this pad will never show any sign of stress. It’s structural stability is made for the American standards, which – to be honest – often exceed this number.

Does this device also stretches your back beyond realignment?

Yes, it does. Also, it not only stretches your spine, but also helps you walk in a more erect way, and shifts your spine back to its normal position.

Am I too tall/short for the Spine Worx to use?

I can honestly say that if you fall in the range of 4’ and 6’5”, it’s going to be fine.

Final verdict

You know what? I’d give the Spine-Worx back realignment device a 90% rating, for it alleviates pain mildly and as soon as you get used to it.

If there were only people whom it actually worked for. But this is not the case.

Being an innovative piece, the Spine Worx pad has stood up to my expectations, but I’m aware of the thing that it might do no improvement to others.

If you’re suffering of general lower back pain, the Spine Worx can help, but not enough alone to reverse a severe back pain. So don’t expect miracles. It does its job for most, but it’s not a pain-relief red button. It just makes exercising a lot easier.

Spine Worx stretching pad


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Makes back stretching easier
  • Gets vertebrae in align
  • Good for the price


  • It hurts to lie down on
  • Questionable effect on lower back pain
  • Doesn't work for many diseases