One of the most popular back supports on Amazon, the Theraupeutica Back Support has been in the race since the 90’s.

If you hear the name Therapeutica, (and know the brand) you’ll most likely pair it with quality made materials, and ergonomic design.

But would the Therapeutica Back Support stand up to our expectations?

Let’s admit.

There are literally thousands of back supports just on Amazon, and you’d wonder why I chose this back support for review.

In short: I’ve used it for years before switching to the Obus Forme Back Support, and it revived my back from its grave.

Let’s immerse together and let me show you its ups and downs. Hopefully, you’ll be more informed after reading this review and will make a better decision when buying the back support product that most fits you.

Overview of the Therapeutica Back Support

Things that you’ll love it forThings that you’ll dislike it for
Conforms the natural contours of your spineCan be hard to guess size
Shoulder blades are free to move, better posturePrice is a bit high
Easy fastening to any kind of seat
5 years warranty to retain shape and resilience

Some short notes on Therapeutica, the company

As I mentioned before, Therapeutica is a not a new player in business. They’ve been manufacturing quality back and neck pain relief products since the 90’s.

What I especially like in Therapeutica is that they’re constantly improving their products based on customer feedback.

This means that they really care about what we say and not just keep manufacturing stuff for profit.

Built to fit anywhere

As soon as I laid my hands on my Back Support (formerly called Therapeutica Auto Support or Spinal Support), I instantly realized, that this is not something made in the far east. The overall quality is really convincing and inviting.

One of the reason it stands out from the product mass out there, is that it’s for multi-purpose use. And I mean it.

Its weight (1 pound) allows you to take it with you wherever you want: your office, your car or even your truck.

I used to grab it, and apply it quickly to my car seat when the morning starts, then pick it off when I arrive at my office. This is great because it can be with me in almost any situation.

It not only improves my posture but it passively keep my posture in the anatomically correct position- even when I’m not thinking about it

An customer

Why Therapeutica Back Support kicks others in the butt?

Just look at that “S” shape.

When I think of a perfect back support, I’d probably think about something that takes up the natural contours of my spine.

How it works?

In short, the “S” shape uplifts and gives support to those specific areas of your spine, which are stressed because of bending over for long hours.

Basically, there are 3 curves in your spine. Therapeutica gives support to all of the 3 curves, and it almost forces you to sit in a proper posture.

Although, there are several benefits other back supports (like the Obus Forme Lowback Back Support) can provide us. They come with great features, like the lumbar pad.

Still, nothing can be more supportive than an “S” shape mold, which you lean against comfortably.

The upper end of the “S” reaches up to your upper vertebrae, giving you a firm hold.

You might hesitate at this moment: If it’s so firm, it couldn’t be that convenient to sit in it a whole day long.

Well, not really.

There is is polypropylene insert, which makes the whole thing flexible, yet still a bit rigid. What if we cover this with a massive foam and then a fabric layer?

Unlimited convenience.

Speaking of convenience. What this little fellow really excels in, (especially when compared to other back supports) is the shaping of the upper part.


Let me explain. If you sit in a regular chair, or a seat, you’re going to be sitting hunched over in some hours (if not minutes).

Therapeutica’s unique design allows this device to get in between your shoulder blades, as high as your base of your neck. This enables your shoulder to retract and move freely, while maintaining a healthy posture. No more rounded shoulders.

One last neat feature is that the Therapeutica gives its customers 5 year warranty against any of their foam products losing their shape or resilience.

Is it really for me?

Being a multi-purpose back support, the Therapeutica is designed to help you maintain a healthy posture while sitting, throughout the whole day.

And by a ‘whole day’ I mean it. You can sit 10 – 12 hours and get up relieved, and energized.

Being said that, this Back Support is for you, if you:

  • Work in an office and sit all day along
  • Drive all day long, and have no spare time to do some exercises
  • Had some serious operation and want to regain your original strength

About sizes

Because several customers reported that they had difficulties choosing the right size, I want to elaborate on this a bit.

Out of the box, the Therapeutica comes in 3 different size variations: the petite, the average and the tall.

Although Therapeutica suggests you to measure your lengths before ordering the product, I also urge you to do this. And in the following way:

Grab a measure tape (or whatever measuring tool you have around that’s not strict). Grab your chair, or go down to your car. Ask someone to help you.

Sit down as straight as possible. If you’re measuring in a car, you can lean a bit against the seat.

Ask your aid now to hold one end of the tape on top of the seat base, and the other end on top of your shoulder.

Write down the length you just measured and see which size it corresponds to:

  • Petite: 21 – 23”
  • Average: 23 – 25”
  • Tall: 25 – 27” (If you’re around 5’10 or taller, be sure to get this)

These sizes are not your overall height. It’s the height of your back.

So if you do the measurement the right way, the upper part of the spinal support should be just opposite where your back transitions to your neck.

Speaking of sizes: you’ll also need to keep in mind that at most this little guy is almost 2” thick.

The Verdict

Therapeutica’s Spinal Support is a worthy rival of the so called Obus Forme Lowback Backrest and makes us uneasy to get to the right decision, though it rests in a higher price range.

To be honest, both of them stood up to our expectations, though they’re a bit different.

Both being a medical grade, professional back support, the Obus Forme might be good for anyone suffering of mild to severe lower back pain. Thanks to its lumbar pad, it may almost instantly ease your pain.

The Therapeutica on the other hand might give you relief in the longer run.


Because you’ll be “forced” to sit more up straight. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s inconvenient, I’m just saying it’s more like a medical product than its competitor.

So if you’re suffering of sciatica or scoliosis I’d definitely keep with the Therapeutica Back Support, and see how it optimizes your entire posture.

Therapeutica Back Support


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Conforms contour of your spine
  • Easy fastening to any seat
  • 5 year warranty


  • A bit overpriced