Rarely do we see a lumbar support that isn’t just a wrap with Velcro straps. Taking its firm place in the mid price-range, the Thermoskin Lumbar Support is the true king of the do-it-yourself medical-grade supports.

Thermoskin’s proven method of relieving pain with the aid of mechanical blood circulation promotion will surely do magic – for some.

Albeit its inventive approach to back pain relief, it still suffers from a few drawbacks.

Join me on my journey of exploration, and find out whether this back support brace is the right choice for you.

Overview of the Thermoskin Lumbar Support

You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
New approach to address lower back painIt might cause overheating, which can result in sweatiness
Convenient to use, even after long hoursNot providing firm support to your back
Price is reasonable
Provides temporary solution to many back-related problems

Convenience at its best

The first thing that you’ll notice about this member of the Thermoskin brand is its slick presentation. Yes. As smooth as it looks, it’s how convenient it is to wear – without being bulky at all.

A very well made Velcro systems enables you to effortlessly arm yourself with it. If that weren’t enough for convenient adjustment, there’s an elastic side strap on each side. Basically, these side straps allow you to fine-tune the brace after pulling the first Velcros.

Ah. And how comfortable it feels when you stick it to your lower back. As soon as you’re in any kind of motion, blood starts to circulate right at where it’s most needed.

Whether you’re seated, walking or just standing, it’ll keep producing that special warmth, without giving you much notice. And this is what the Thermoskin Lumbar Support excels in.

Some notes about comfort: the name ‘Thermoskin’ certainly applies to this Lumbar Support. It’s like a second skin layer and nothing more, which makes bearing it quite convenient. No bulkiness even when you wear it over your shirt.

It generates a fair amount of heat, as it is designed, to help alleviate the back/lumbar pain. If nothing is worn between the skin and the wrap, perspiration will form quite easily.

An Amazon.com customer

The Trioxon lining – An inventive way to fight lower back pain

The inner layer of the Thermoskin Lumbar Support aids you with comfortable heat.

But how does it do its magic?

It’s a 3 dimensional layer that on one hand provides a pleasuring warmth. On the other hand it also contributes to insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation.

Although it’s said to produce minimal perspiration, some customers experienced a slightly different outcome. More on this later.

Can’t stress enough, that there’s no absolute solution in back pain management for everyone out there. For me, the Thermoskin worked (although I wouldn’t say it did wonders).

Speaking of the system itself. First, the inner layer promotes blood circulation, that simply makes your lower back heal faster than it would naturally. Also, light pressure and compression counter acts tissue swelling.

Since there is a ton of awards this lumbar support has won, we can be sure that the clinical tests were no fake ones. Speaking of which, this is one of the few back supports that promote blood circulation without using any electricity.

What type of back pains should you use it for? Here’s the list:

  • Sport injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation / Strain of back muscles
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Anklylosing spondylitis
  • Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint
  • Recovery from ruptured disc
  • After surgery for a herinated disc
  • Injuries made to the lumbar discs

Some words about sizing and instructions of use

I can confidently state, that this Lumbar Support fits true to size. Like I always stress: the only thing you need to look out for is to measure your waist at the middle. If you don’t do that, expect to returning it back soon.

Anyway, as soon as you managed to acquire the size which fits you the most, you’ll need to pay attention to the correct placement of the lumbar support.

To be more specific: place the lowest part (which is the middle of the wrap horizontally) of the support’s back right onto your coccyx bone.

Okay, now wrap the piece on the front by placing the left strap under and the right strap above. If it’s firmly in place, tighten the elastic side straps, one after the other to achieve extra compression.

Also, you need to pay attention to one more thing: You must not wear the Thermoskin Lumbar Support within the first 72 hours after an acute injury.


I’m not quite sure (since I’m no doc), but it has to do something with inflammation. Please keep this in mind.

Here’s where the Thermoskin Lumbar Support leaves a bit to be desired

There’s no doubt. The Thermoskin Lumbar Support excels in many aspects. However, it can’t help but suffer from one specific shortcoming: overheating.

And by overheating, I mean it.

Imagine yourself doing your daily activities whilst wearing the Thermoskin. Blood circulation is one thing, but what happens if I don’t require that much of heat at my lower back?

Lack of proper ventilation might cause serious sweating issues for those who tend to sweat more.

Another consequence of overheating, that the Lumbar Support inevitably rides up, giving relief no more to your parts really craving for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen just for me.

Maybe the brand has to think about introducing a new way of better air ventilation.

So, if you’re that sweatier type of person, I wouldn’t recommend going with the Thermoskin Lumbar Support (or would experiment with a thin shirt under it). Many customers experienced extreme sweating in some hours after taking it on. Also, if you sweat that much, you know how it goes. Prepare for itching as well.

Double think about your location as well. If you’re living in Panama City, you can be certain, that overheating might cause some troubles. Though, if you reside in Ottawa for instance, overheating can even be help at times.

Although Thermoskin claims that their lumbar support also gives upright support. Unfortunately, not just one customer reports that it’s not like a real back support brace, albeit its metal inlets. It seems that the once praised flimsiness has its drawbacks as well.

Final verdict

All-in-all, though, the Thermoskin Lumbar Support is a great all-around device to help alleviate pain in your lower back. It’s more than perfect if you:

  • Suffer of back pain due to physical activity (strains)
  • Have had a surgery and can’t stand its consequences
  • Suffer of back pain due to sitting a lot in your office

If it weren’t for the overheating and the lack of proper support issue, this would be my all-time favorite back support brace.

Thermoskin Lumbar Support




Pain relief effect


Value for money



  • Inventive approach to address low back pain
  • Convenient to use
  • Provides solution to many back problems
  • Reasonable price


  • No firm support to hold your back
  • Can overheat