Thumper Mini Pro BentThumper, HoMedics and Pado will always be the holy trinity for me. When it comes to real massage action, you can undoubtedly rely on any of these brands’ products.

Sitting comfortably in the mid-upper price range of handheld massagers, the Thumper Mini Pro comes with no fluffy accessories – just pure power.

Whether you’re a professional looking to pamper clients’ worn off muscles, bring ultimate relief to aching backs or just a DIY home user, the Mini Pro deep tissue massager will be the perfect companion.

Let’s dive into this Thumper massager review and uncover the ups and downs of a well-established handheld massager.

Note: We’ll also take a quick glance at a Thumper Sport VS Mini Pro comparison, as many of you have asked.

You’ll definitely like these

  • Massive construction
  • 12 feet cord
  • Deep penetrating percussion massage
  • Canadian make, great support

But you won’t like these

  • A tad hard to use on your own body
  • Athletes may find thumping weak and not penetrating enough
  • Tends to overheat after 30 – 35 minutes

Robust look, durable body

As soon as you keep hold of the Thumper Mini Pro you’ll instantly realize what a true Canadian-make is like. Massive design, hard plastic wherever you look – it’s something that’ll be here to stay.

Thumper Mini Pro Body

The weight is a perfect balance – it’s just heavy enough for a proper massage. However, with the 3 lbs it’s definitely not the lightest on the market. This could be a personal preference, but I fancy sticking to lightweight machines, since I usually give a treatment to myself.

Looking at it from a usability point of view, the Thumper Mini Pro definitely won’t win a prize. We’ve battle tested contenders like the Pure Wave CM5 which without a doubt comes with better usability.

Although it’s got that typical curve in the design which is a must for home users to reach their parts, you’d better get your partner for a fully effective treatment. Speaking of which: there’s a rubber handle on top for double handed use.

Note: There’s been a slight misunderstanding with the Mini Pro 2 VS the Mini Pro. Let me clear things up a bit. Both massagers are basically the same product. The Mini Pro is gray and blue in color and it’s the newest model with a fresh new look since 2016. The Mini Pro 2 was purple in color, but no longer available on the market.

It’s been especially helpful relieving my sciatic nerve pain and numbness.

An customer

The Thumper Mini Pro Motor

As you could already see, the Mini Pro has two spheres that do the hard job for you, designed to treat all muscle groups. These spheres inflict 95% of their energy deep into the muscle tissue with a percussive motion without kicking back to the handle.Mini Pro used for lower back pain

But as with any Thumper model the secret lies beneath the hood. Mini Pro is geared with a heavy duty, 3-setting motor which will be well enough to relieve sore muscles and to relief pain in your clients’ worn off parts.

20, 30 and 40 pulses per second set-ups with a 0.24” stroke makes this massager a good all-rounder in any therapist’s office.

The power is supplied through a 12 feet cord giving you the freedom to even dance around your client. The unit itself operates on 120V and 0.4 amps.

Thumper Sport VS Mini Pro

Mini Pro upfrontAs I said, a good bunch of inquiries have arrived to my post box to include Thumper Sport VS Mini Pro comparison into this guide.

The biggest difference between these two is that the Mini Pro is designed for more continuous usage and also has a 20% stronger motor therefore it will be a preferred choice for professionals. It’s the ‘professional grade’ among these two.

Also, the Mini performs a 1 millimeter deeper penetration (6 mm at most) with every thump which results in a more thorough massage experience.

On the other hand, the Thumper Sport was designed specifically for home users by introducing 5 different speed settings to make the overall therapy more customized.

If you’re from the DIY camp, there’s a dealbreaker choosing the right one. The Sport features a longer handle which boosts ergonomics when it comes to self-massaging. On the contrary, the Mini Pro lags behind in terms of usability making it harder to reach your own parts sometimes.

There’s also a $60 difference in price which is worth considering.

The Thumper Mini Pro’s Shortcomings

If you’re looking for true, heavy-duty handheld massager, ready to operate for even an hour, this model might not be the one you’re looking for.

There’s a good reason why I’m saying this: the motor tends to overheat after 30 – 35 minutes of continuous usage which will definitely cause troubles when you’re doing treatments in bulk amounts. You can, however use the Thumper Mini Pro as a supplement to a main massager.

While its little brother the Sport is advertised as the weaker one, athletes sometimes may still find the Mini Pro too weak compared to other massagers in the same price range.

Also, some customers consider the spheres being too soft. Since there’re no replacement or interchangeable heads, you’ll need to stick with the softness which may be an issue with tighter muscles.

Final verdict

The Thumper Mini Pro massager is a great bang for your buck, overall. While the slightly weak motor and overheating is a shortcoming, they aren’t a critical. You’ll still have your all-rounder for any massage need.

Put simply, I’d consider this as a reasonable transition between the boundaries of professional grade and home massagers.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a starter therapist. Although, if you already possess a primary machine, this can be your perfect backup on site. It’s reasonably priced for the quality you get, so I’d say, go for it!

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Thumper Mini Pro


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • A great all-rounder
  • 12 feet long cord
  • Relatively powerful motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used for all muscle groups


  • Overheats too often
  • Some will find the thumping weak
  • Bit hard to use on yourself, especially on your back