Wahl massagers have been around for a while now, and as you might know, they developed four different ones with slightly contrasting functionality.

wahl all body therapeutic massager review

There’s been a debate lately whether the Wahl All Body Powerful Therapeutic Massager worth its price. It turns out obvious now that this massager is quite the same as the Wahl Heat Therapy Massager, just without its heating function (and some extra drawbacks).

In this review, I want to clear things up a bit and help to decide to go with it or not. Come with me, fellow back-painer and let’s take a closer look.


Overview of the Wahl All Body Therapeutic Massager


You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Superb ergonomicsBuzzing sound
Good cost-benefit ratioCan be used only for mild pain
Low-power electric motor
Overheats sometimes
Looking at any Wahl product surely pleases the eye. Just take a glance at these sophisticated contours. Marvelous how Wahl’s product designers have such a keen eye for detail:

lightweight handheld massager

The 04120-600 (or 4120-600) handheld massager’s greatest benefit is definitely its weight. Being only 1 pound altogether makes it easily outperform many massagers on the product shelves.

This can be a huge advantage for elderly or disabled people, since holding 2 or 3 pounds for several minutes can be a struggle for them.

Among its contestants Wahl products usually feature superb ergonomics, allowing users to easily handle their devices and reach every spot on their body without trial.

Combined with excellent functional design, the device (just like the Heat Therapy Massager’s) is powered by a 9 feet long cable skyrocketing the All Body Massager’s usability to the elite level.

Like other Wahl massagers we’ve talked about recently, the All Body Massager is long, and bent enough to stand up for that. At 9” from the top to the bottom, you don’t need much effort to reach even your lower back with it.

Speaking of the coating, Wahl did an impressive move again. Hard, sturdy plastic protects the motor and the inner parts of the device. When you fetch it in your hands, you’ll instantly realize that there’s no need to fear of dropping it down.

A whole parade of attachments

Like other Wahl massagers, the 4120-600 features four different attachment heads to pleasure your worn out parts with:

ergonomic therapy massager

  • The smooth surface Facial Attachment: Used for gentle, relaxing massages in front of your TV.
  • Soft, finger-like Four Finger Flex: Used to relieve pain in your muscles and may help with strains
  • The stimulating Power Disc: This has a large surface with little spikes on it. If you want to stimulate blood-flow for general pain-relief purposes, this is probably going to be your best bet.
  • The penetrating Spot Attachment: Allows for more pressure provided its thumb-like shape. Apply it as an acupressure massage.

Putting usability standards even higher, easy twist and remove motion allows for quick, hassle-free interchanges between heads. The only thing you need to do is twist out the current attachment and apply the new on the screw-like head.

As you can see, Wahl never lets us down and this machine also thrives in terms of functionality. Too bad that the motor’s intensity is not enough for most heads to inflict enough pressure (at least on Level 1).

If you are looking for something cheap you can keep near the couch to work on whatever body parts are bothering you while you watch TV, this is probably just fine. An Amazon.com customer

Coolest benefit: It’s lightweight as a feather

wahl all body massager review

A not negligible concern is weight, which can affect many out there, especially elderlyladies or disabled people.

If you’re one of them, Dear Reader, I encourage you to go with the Wahl All Body Massager despite its drawbacks.

The reason is quite simple: you get a bunch of attachments, an ultra-light and ergonomic design for an outstanding price.

What types of pain is it good for?

As you might have guessed, the long list of illnesses Wahl states their device works for is too good to be true.

Given that the motor is the weakest among Wahl massagers motors, the All Body Massager will be effective for mild pain relief for most of us. There’s debate going on about this, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this Wahl massager if you have chronic back pain.

If chronic back (or any type of) pain storms your worn out parts – like I said before – you’d really want something more stronger and penetrating.

However I do concur with the statement that the All Body Massager may work for sports injuries mild back pain, but definitely not for arthritis or fibromyalgia.

The motor: What hums beneath the coating?

I’ll be honest with you: this handheld massager doesn’t have the most powerful of electric motors on the market.

Although the 4120-600 is geared up with a two stance, 120V/60Hz electric motor, there’s no real variation between the two settings. The lower setting performs fairly well and seems to have almost no effect on real pain, the higher one just does okay.handheld massager for elderly

There’s a certainly more powerful engine roaring in Wahl’s Deep Tissue Massager, which will obviously provide a deeper penetration into your skin.

The motor takes up only 10 watts at the maximum level of vibrations it produces, but like the Deep Tissue Massager or the Heat Therapy Massager, this one gives a loud, buzzing sound. I won’t say that neighbors will be upon you soon, but this can be a consideration when using it in the night.

Keep in mind though while the All Body Massager is only around 1 pound and quite easy to maneuver with , the Deep Tissue is something more robust with its 3.1 pounds. Therefore it’s definitely not recommended for the elderly.

I wanted to close the negativity flood gates here, but unfortunately there’re some more defects shouting to be revealed.

If weak motor performance wasn’t enough, this particular Wahl motor gets hot really easily, even after minutes of use. I don’t know the reason for that, honestly, since other Wahl massager motors do not tend to overheat that easy.

Final Verdict

Wahl’s currently notorious high standards didn’t seem to apply to the All Body Massager as you could see.

The two reasons I’d  still recommend buying this device is its great maneuverability and extremely light weight and its price. If you’re on a budget, or just starting out with hand massagers, this is an oh-kay buy for the price.

But don’t expect any spectacular results with it. Use it for mild pain and light sport injuries, and of course, general relaxing massage, but nothing more.

If you liked my review, please don’t forget to share it to help others as well. See you in the next episode.

Wahl All Body Therapeutic Massager




Pain relief effect


Value for money


Overall grade



  • Lightweight
  • It's relatively cheap
  • Can be good for the elderly


  • Loud, buzzing sound
  • Only for mild pain
  • Motor's not powerful enough for many
  • Can overheat sometimes