The name what describes precise motion, powerful electric motors and neat haircuts. Dating back to the early 20th century, this brand has provided humanity some of the best household appliances (mainly shavers, and therapy devices).

wahl heat massager parts

Since its debut, the Wahl 4196-1201 Heat Therapy Massager has been controversial in many aspects though.

In this review, I attempt to uncover its debated effects mainly on back pain, so that you can make a smarter decision when opening your wallet.

Bear with me on this journey, and let’s see if the Wahl Heat Therapy Massager stays up to the critique it has received.


You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Can be used for several illnesses, even chronic painsLoud, buzzing sound
Convenient to use, user-friendly designCan be powerless for some
Reasonable price

Overview of Wahl Heat Therapy Massager

Before jumping into the details, I insist to take a closer look at the machine itself. At first glance, it comes clear that this Heat Therapy Massager is a Wahl-made product.

Nicely curved black lines end in an a chrome-wielded, burgundy attachment head. Not that the look of a massager would count in its effectiveness. Anyways, it’s very pleasing to the eye.

I heard many complaints about the Wahl’s overall weight being too much. Believe me, this is not the case. Being a maximum of 1 pounds makes it easy to navigate with it even if you need to reach your lower back. It’s definitely lightweight and convenient to maneuver around with.

This works well for me. I like the two settings for the heat and vibration. The attachments are not troublesome to put on or take off, at all. The brand is something I took in account, as it’s well known and has a good reputation.

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What’s in the Wahl 4196-1201 box

Wahl products usually come with many add-ons out of the box, and this little therapy massager is no exception: it includes a whole bunch of accessories:

  • Power disc
  • Spot application
  • Facial attachment
  • Heat attachment
  • Carrier bag

Expressed in one picture, here’s what you’ll get in the pack:

wahl heat therapy massager parts

For your convenience, Wahl has geared up its heat therapy massager with a 9-feet cord. Although not being wielding a li-ion power source, it’s still a piece of cake to get it around your full body.

Thanks to the well thought-out, ergonomic construction and phone-like shape, it’s an ease to give a good amount of heat burst even to unreachable spots on your body.

Who is it made for?

Being a serious back-painer for years, this is the thing, why someone with back pain would read my review, right?

The Wahl 4196-1201 Heat Therapy Massager is known for its multi-purpose use. You ‘ll be able to address painful joints in your lower back, your knees, but you can also give a general pampering to your fatigued muscles in any portion of your body.

To be more precise, thanks to its heat pads and power disc attachment, this Wahl is tested to address the following illnesses:

  • Lower and upper back pain
  • Stress, muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • and sports injuries

For most users, the Wahl will produce great results. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to stay persistent. Give yourself a relaxing 10 minutes each day, and you’ll see real results in 2 weeks for sure.

Best thing about it: its wide-range usage

As I’ve stated, whether you’re a chronic lower back-pain sufferer or a fellow upper-back illness carrier, the Wahl Heat Therapy Massager should be the perfect choice (if you want some mid-day soothing on your painful parts).

What I like the most about it’s that you can swap your massage heads within a second. If one doesn’t seem to work for your lower back, then switch to the other.

The four attachments cover different kinds of sensual pleasure.

wahl heat therapy massager attachments

  • The heat pad increases blood circulation in a given area. By blood starting to flow more intensely to the pain point, the ache slowly diminishes.
  • The power disc add-on is better for larger pain areas. If you experience aching on the whole lower part of your back, you should start the massage session with this.
  • The facial disc has a much more gentle surface which is designed for sensitive skin parts. I used this after a long day of labor. Made wonders to my mind. It’s so relaxing.
  • Use the spot massager when you’re aching in one particular spot. The motion of this fellow is more intense compared to the others, to inflict power upon your fatigued parts.

As you can see, the Wahl 4196-1201 is the Swiss army knife of massagers. Whatever pain you’ve been suffering of, it’s going to be a salvation for most.

For us, back-painers, it’s the go-to solution if you’re tired enough to lay down and do stretching or strengthening exercises at the end of the day.

Another great feature: power & heat settings

As you might have already guessed, there’s a setting both for power intensity and heating.

If you’re experiencing an intensive lower back pain, I’d suggest you start right off with level 2 speed. Obviously, level 2 provides a more penetrating, whereas level 1 gives you a more gentle massage.

This is great because everyone of us has different needs. Again it depends on so many things which setting to choose: our skin type, pain type, and so forth.

wahl therapy heat massager heat settings

What you’ll especial love is the 2 level option of heating. Despite playing all-in with the speed, I’d suggest you take care when setting up the heat intensity. Many customers report that level 2 is way too hot for them, so I’d advise sticking with level 1 at first.

If you manage to set the heat up to your need, it can be a true lifesaver.

Could be better: motor power & sound

Let’s be clear about one thing. Like many back pain relief products out there, this Wahl-made massager is a tool that won’t have the same effect for everyone.

To be more specific, one of its letdowns is that the motor isn’t powerful enough to inflict ample amount of pressure on aching parts. Despite that, many of us still use it with great results.

A more serious issue with the Wahl is the loud buzzing sound it emits while doing your treatment. If you’re living in an apartment built with thin walls, or you’re living together with your family, be prepared to use this little buzzer only when kids are awake. No pain relief early in the morning before work, sorry.

Final verdict

Being in the lower price range among massagers, the Wahl Heat Therapy Massager is a decent option for anyone suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or other chronic illnesses.

Take into account that it has some minor drawbacks (like the buzzing sound), but apart from that, it’s definitely worth giving a try. There’s a high chance that the soothing motion will do its magic even to your most aching parts.

All-in-all, I’d highly recommend the Wahl 4196-1201 massager for most (back) pain fighters out there.

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Wahl Heat Therapy Massager (4196-1001)




Pain relief effect


Value for money



  • Heat attachments provide further pain relief
  • Good for lower back pain and several illnesses
  • Low price


  • Loud, buzzing sound
  • Motor can be powerless for some