Review of the Wahl Hot and Cold Massager

Not really pleasing us, the Wahl 4295-400 Hot and Cold Massager still has some benefits

Wahl has been The Brand among hair clippers and lately handheld massagers too.  They have been manufacturing quality products since their debut in 1919.

30 years ago, Wahl handheld massagers were the king of home pain relief devices. Unfortunately since then quality has become a secondary concern for the corporation and this is what we can see right now in many customer reviews.

The Hot and Cold massager is no exception.

Not wanting to write a biased review, I aim to help those who – despite my recommendations – stick with Wahl’s 4295-400 Hot and Cold Massager.

Don’t worry though – I can assure you, that even this faulty handheld massager has some benefits for us, back-painers. Now let’s not spend too much on the introduction and see what this contested Wahl make has for you.

Overview of Wahl Hot and Cold Therapy Massager

You'll love it for theseYou won't like these, though
Great usability with elegant outlookMotor's often to sluggish
Good price benefit ratioThe typical Wahl loud, buzzng motor sound
Super variability

The outer shell of Wahl Hot and Cold Massager

Made of hard plastic as many other Wahl massagers, the 4295-400 has a delicate elegance in its presence. Not that a massager’s main property should be that, though it’s hard to argue with it.

Behind the pleasant expression, there lies some real functional design attitude. The curved shape makes you extremely easy to reach the toughest parts on your body. Reaching 11” in height I’d consider the 4295-400 a regular size handheld massager.

wahl hot cold therapy massager 4295

Although reaching only the third position in the contest among Wahl massagers in terms weight, the 4295-400 is still lightweight with its 2.3 pounds. This further boosts usability by making it undoubtedly easy to maneuver on your skin.

The Hot and Cold Massager is for corded use only, coming with a 9-feet long cord. This allows space for more convenience, as you won’t be needing to sit next a power outlet.

The Hot and Cold Massager’s motor

Beneath the hard plastic case lies a below-average performance vibrating electromagnetic motor at a voltage of 120, frequency of 60 Hz and 17 Watts.

Note: As many of you have asked, the 4295-400 won’t work with a 220V outlet, at least if you have a converter.

The motor itself has a dial setting for intensity, but to be honest, you won’t notice major difference between the highest and lowest levels. That said, I uncovered the primary drawback of the Hot and Cold Massager. I’d lie if I said this device is powerful, yet still, I can imagine it does its for you if you have  sensitive skin or muscles.

With only 17 watts in its plastic stomach, the Hot and Cold Massager will never compare to more penetrating ones like Wahl’s Deep  Tissue massager or the Pure Wave CM7.

One more letdown of the Hot Cold Massager’s motor is that it’s extremely loud. If you’ve checked out my other Wahl massager reviews, this will sound familiar to you. This doesn’t help the thing though: doing a late evening massage will definitely have consequences within the family.

Don’t ditch it right away though – it might surprise you in the following section. As we could see, the 4295-400’s edge lies not in its horsepower, rather in its variability.

I works really well and as expected. Great quality material and comes with a little bag to keep all the pieces organized.

An customer

Attachment depository at your service

While most handheld massagers usually feature a selection of variable attachment heads, the Hot and Cold Massager outshines many in this aspect. If you take a look at what comes within the package, you’ll instantly know what I’m trying to convey here:

wahl hot cold therapy massager

Presenting 7 add-on heads, this kind-of-weak fellow does a better job even than its more pricier competitors. There are the usual ones which we already had a look at in other Wahl massager reviews, but there’s a unique one in the armada of attachments here:

  • Three point massage, which covers a larger area. It’s good on sore muscles, but definitely not on the back.
  • Heat pad, which again relieve aching muscles, and sport injuries. Also can be used for lower back ache.
  • Cold pad with freezable gel. This can relieve joint swelling and muscle inflammation. Also effective for lower back problems. You need to place this in the freezer to make it have an effect.
  • The usual 4-finger flex head makes for a good general, touch-like relaxing massage on any part of your body.
  • The facial plate can be applied for gentle, yet invigorating massage on your face.
  • The power disc stimulates blood flow with its spikes. This can work on back pain as well.
  • Finally, the spot application is better for your feet and any spot on your body that loves acupressure massage.

Compared to Wahl’s Heat Therapy Massager, the Hot and Cold does a better job in terms of variability. However we should not forget the fact that the Heat Therapy one features a somewhat more dynamic motor allowing the heads to reach deeper into the tissues.

Being said that, if you’re not looking for all that impressive versatility this Hot and Cold Therapy massager features, you’d better off with the Heat Therapy handheld massager.

Final Verdict

I admit, the Wahl Hot and Cold Therapy Massager is far from being perfect. The low-power motor’s efficiency won’t be enough for some of you.

However taking its place in the lower price range, with many attachments and great usability the 4295-400 is something that’s worth checking out.

Also a good thing is that Wahl offers a 30-day money back guarantee and gives a full refund to anyone not being satisfied with their product. This makes your buy totally risk free at least.

If you usually work out late at gym and have enormous muscles, then I don’t think the Hot and Cold Massager will be enough for you. You should better go with something more robust, like the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager.

On the other hand, if you’re someone with more sensitive skin suffering from back pain (or any other pain) it’s worth checking out.

If I managed to help you with this review, please share it with your friends down below! Big thanks.

Wahl 4295-400 Hot Col Therapy Massager


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • Great usability and lightweight design
  • An arsenal of attachment heads
  • Hot and cold pads are a unique thing
  • Relatively cheap


  • Loud, buzzing Wahl motor
  • Not powerful enough for many