„What the heck are these ugly looking monsters that you wear on your feet?” We hear the not-so-surprising question asked from people using a Z-CoiL model.

Actually what are these shoes, apart their awful look? Don’t get lead astray.

Without being biased towards the manufacturer, I can honestly tell you, that these shoes were designed by world famous chiropractors and doctors to relief pain in your lower back, knees and your feet.


Overview of the Z-CoiL Shoes benefits and downsides

You’ll definitely likeYou probably won’t like these
• Coil that protects your back & joints by compressing• Price tag
• An orthotic that equalizes pressure distribution (no heel spurs and plantar fasciitis)• Some ZCoiL shoes look… awful
• Rocker bottom on the forefoot
• Leather upper part

How come it looks so horrid?

The whole concept of these shoes, is based on the fact, that in ancient times, our ancestors walked many hours a day without wearing protective or any types of footwear on their feet.

If you ever tried walking barefoot on the forest floor or in a meadow, you know that kind of feeling: your own foot pads are the coils there.

Today’s environments are much different to those: concrete, patios, and rock. All of them are solid and not so forgiving for the human body.

To put it simply: walking on these cause a lot of stress to our bodies and joints, bones to deteriorate resulting in an awful pain.

Even wearing regular shoes won’t reduce the impact enough on your heels when walking or just standing.

Z-CoiL aims to fill this gap. For a decent price (between $200 and $300).

I won’t complain though, because if you sum up all your medications, the price of regularly visiting the doc or a chiropractor, the price of a branded shoe, it just doesn’t seem to cost that much.

You see where I’m getting to?

(Take into account that a “better” rocker shoe, or running shoe would cost you almost the same)

Honestly these are the ONLY shoes I swear by. Yes they are ugly, I got over that the first month I wore my first pair. You won’t care they look strange when you get relief An Amazon.com customer

Who is it good for?

I’d say that it helps to relief back pain in anyone who usually:

  • Walks around more than 15 minutes per day
  • Works in a hospital (namely doctors or nurses)
  • Runners
  • Hikers

Although, if you sit all day along, because you work in an office environment and also travel by car, don’t expect the Z-CoiL to produce its positive effects on your back pain.

What do I get for this price?

First of all:

Pain-free living.

Back pain is very often caused by the usage of inappropriate footwear. Let me show you what I mean:

BrandCompression distanceAdjustment for over-pronation and supinationRocker soleEnergy returnArch supportPain reliefCost
Z-CoiL28mmYesYes40% – 50%AdjustableLower back pain
Knee pain
Heel pain
Heel spurs
Regular walking shoes13mmNoNoLess than 3%NoHeel spurs$
If you look at the stats, Z-CoiL is the only shoe here that provides significantly better results in terms of Compression distance (28 mm vs 12 mm) and of Energy return (40-50% vs 3%).

That is a massive difference there.


  • Lower-back pain reduced
  • Plantar fasciitis check
  • Heel spurs check
  • Metatarsalgia check
  • Knee pain check


Features of the Z-CoiL shoe

The heart of this device is the patented conical coil suspension system:

In fact, this is a simple coil, that reduces impact (by 40 – 60%) cast on your heels when walking, running or just standing.

The coil also provides energy return, reducing fatigue.

This virtually means, that at the end of the day, you’re going to have more energy and be less tired.

You’re easily able to add or decrease resistance of the coil by 90° increments to correct over-pronation in your feet.

The coil has 4 sides:

  • Firm side
  • Medium side
  • Soft side one
  • Soft side two

Out of the box, the Firm side is turned outside of your foot, because most people need to have it adjusted this way.

Funniest thing about the coil:

You don’t want to spend hundreds of $$$ again, when these coils happen to stop functioning, eh?

Don’t worry. Coils are replaceable, meaning that you can expand the lifetime of your shoes in the future.

Heel adjustment:

There’s an opportunity to set the stiffness of your shoe at your heels. This will enable you to precisely set it up, so that it perfectly fits your heel.

Not a bad trick, eh? Don’t think a Nike shoe can do this thing.

Next neat feature:

Built-in, patented Z-Orthotic, which stabilizes and supports tendons and ligaments. It’s much more stronger than a regular insole. Also, way more better than a custom made orthotic, because it entirely fits your shoe (let alone the horrible price of custom made orthotics ranging from $200 to $1000)

A rocker bottom sole, assisting your forward motion.

A thick forefoot cushion and the rocker sole will provide you a rolling motion and makes rolling off the front much easier than in the case of regular shoes.

The forefoot also provides an unusual, big sized footbox, so that your toes won’t squeeze down in there.

But let’s not stop here.

One thing I love about these shoes, is that they all have a slip-resistant outsole for slippery surfaces. This way, you’re able to maneuver through your daily tasks in an extra safe way, provided you’re not ice skating.

What size should I order?

Z-CoiL insists to order the size that you most normally wear, meaning if you usually wear a size 8 shoe, you ought to order a size 8 this time as well.

If you wear a half sized shoe, you’ll need to order the next size up. Either way, there is an additional 3mm insert for all shoes ordered.

It’s easy-peasy to use.

Pop out the insole inside your shoe, put the ½ size insert in, and replace the insole. This will extend your shoe a size half, and there you go.

What spring size should I order?

Spring sizes come pre-adjusted and pre-chosen for your shoe size, thus your weight.

Turning 90°-s, you can adjust the springs’ hardness without much effort.

The ideal spring amplitude it should move out, should be around 75%.

If you’re experiencing that it’s not shrinking enough or dropping down to the heels completely – albeit your efforts of adjusting it – I’d recommend to order another coil and replace yours with it.

Since you’re able to adjust springs manually when your package arrives, I wouldn’t bother spending too much time on this.

OK, wait. Is it good, at all for my lower back pain?

It’s said that the emergence of lower-back pain is 70 – 80% related to our movement.

Since – literally – you can try the Z-CoiL risk free, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Yes, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, that you can take advantage of right now. No questions asked, they say.

If you’ve a job that forces you to walk or stand around all day long, or at least for several hours a day, I’d definitely say yes, give it a try, it’s more likely that it’ll cause relief in your lower back.

Although, if you’re sitting in an office for 12 hours a day… Well, don’t expect this product to do its magic. Look at my thorough review of the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest for instance, you’ll better go with that.

To end your suffering

I sometimes feel bad about reviewing mostly great products. Products that really do work.

Why is that so?

Because I kind of have that biased feeling towards a product, and the message that I’m trying to convey is somewhat “Hey, come on, buy this, because it’s great!”.

But this is what this website is about: to recommend people great products, that truly work in real life situations.

I’d say that if you suffer of lower back pain, and willing to spend a little bit of more money (say, “invest” in yourself), then go for it, because it’s risk free.

Honestly hope, that the Z-CoiL, combined with my other products soon going to end your suffering of back pain.

Z-Coil Shoes


Pain relief effect




Value for money



  • A coil compresses and protects your back when walkin
  • Orthotic inlay comes as a surplus
  • Leather upper part
  • Good buy if you take medication and chiropractic treatment into account


  • A bit ugly looking
  • This isn't cheap